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What has Obama done?

August 12, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Barnum Obama, that's a good one!

I promise not to call him anything but president. Can anyone tell me what he has done in these four years that would justify he be given a second term? Where is the transparency, the cut in spending, jobs, etc.?

I do see that he got a 2,000 page plus thing called health care reform. That is just another can of worms full of rules and regulations that will require, God only knows, how many more people will be added to the government payroll that will be needed to keep track of the paper work and will be paid with money we don't have.

If he is re-elected, these past four years will be like a day in the park compared to what will happen in the next four.

As we all know, the Supreme Court ruled the health plan is legal as Congress has the power to enact tax programs. (They say it's a tax.) But there is hope. We voters can become Supreme Court judges simply by voting for Romney on Nov. 6. That will give us hope that Obamacare can be repealed. If the roughly 60 percent of the people who oppose Obamacare vote against Obama, then we can say goodbye to Obamacare. We do need to do something with health care, but it needs to be done with better planning.

Subject 2: Where is this country going to when a few simple minded people say a cross included on a city logo is a violation of the "separation of church and state?" What church are we talking about? Don't the majority of Americans belong to some kind of church that displays a cross? How strong can your hatred of religion be that you scan logos for any religious symbol that might be there? Get a life.

Subject 3: People bashing the conservative radio and TV talk show hosts. Don't these people read the Daily Times? Writers like Williams, Sowell, Shapiro, O'Reilly, Charen and others write about the same things the talk show hosts talk about! I admire the Timers for carrying these writers' columns.

One thing I know for sure. You can't convert a liberal.

In closing, if you believe the country is on the right track, (you also believe in Santa Claus) then Barnum, (oops) I mean Obama is your man! If not, tell all your relatives, friends, neighbors and people you know that haven't voted for a while to be sure to vote for Romney on Nov. 6.

Ray Kaczynski


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