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Let’s stop border insanity

August 19, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Just when you say it can't get any worse, it gets 100 percent worse. To begin with, President Barack Obama gives an executive order stating if an illegal had come into this country before he or she was 15 or younger with their parents, they could not be deported.

This is an issue that is supposed to be decided by the representatives and senators we elect, not the president.

Then, he gives another order to our border guards stating if an illegal used this reason as an excuse to cross the border, he or she could not be checked on to verify his or her story. The border guards have to let them cross the border. Can you believe this? All they have to do is lie, and it's like a passport.

If a border guard does check on them, he or she has already been given notice that he or she will be given a pink slip. This means you no longer have a job as a border guard.

What are we paying these guards for if they can't do their job? Stop the insanity.

Bob Strain

St. Clairsville

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