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Band size doesn't matter

August 26, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Since Ms. Zinn became the director of the Oak Glen High School Band, I have witnessed wonderful changes with the band itself.

For the last few years though, I have heard many people automatically assume the band is terrible only due to their size and even openly criticize them for such without even hearing them play. The most common quote I hear right off the bat from individuals is, "Well the band is not as large as it was when I was in it, shame on the director!"

Yes, the band is not as large as it used to be (due to several reasons meant for another discussion), but that does not matter. The band sounds wonderful, and always gives a grand performance. Furthermore, they try so very hard with what they have to work with (both player and instrument) so deserve some credit for that as well.

It just is very discouraging to hear people (especially members of the Oak Glen community itself) criticize the kids without hearing them play, and I am sure it lets them down as well when they hear the same.

I would encourage everyone to support their local pride of a band. There is support in the community, but just too many people that look past what we are blessed to have simply because of their own expectations.

The band is starting another season here towards the end of the month, so I hope that everyone will go out and support them. They will be participating in everything from the usual football games, parades, local festivals, and of course the winter and spring concerts; therefore, lots of opportunity to hear them play if you haven't yet. Just be sure to enjoy the music, and give them a chance.

Jackson E. Wilson


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