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Take care of the environment

August 26, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Why is everyone so bubbly when it comes to their grandchildren, especially when politicians use the ploy about the debt we are leaving our children?

If we really love our grandchildren, we should worry about how much clean air they have to breathe and clean water they have to drink, no matter what the cost. To continue polluting the planet with no regulations on burning fossil fuels is leaving a death sentence for our grandchildren.

In a republic ruled by law, the laws, if applied justly, would curtail polluting the planet without the safety of the public coming first. What happened to clean coal technology?

It was easy to rule when the Earth was half empty as it was in our forefathers' time, but now in our time, the planet is full to capacity and is running out of enough natural resources to run our economies on an over polluted planet.

Earth is running out of fossil fuel and solar is the only thing left to supplement the fossil fuels we have left. Man had better learn how to capture its energy before it's too late.

Why might one become a frenzied environmentalist? When there's no clean water to drink or clean air to breathe, of all the precious metals, gold and silver, the rich do horde, bullets made of lead will be the most precious.

To protect their gold, our politicians should be using common ground legislation instead of political posturing for votes.

Steve Kopa


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