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Democratic ticket the way to go

August 26, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Someday, we will all wonder how some can live so large and leave so little for the rest of us. Well you know who you are for voting in Republicans who take from the middle class and let the wealthy live larger than you. You will complain that some abusing the welfare system live better than you, but you think it is OK for the ultra-wealthy? They haven't earned it, but you allow the ultra-wealthy to keep their tax privileges and the rest of us don't. Tax yourself more and not them?

Please do not think that allowing them to not pay more taxes will create more jobs - that hasn't worked the last four to eight years. They are hoarding, and you allow them to transfer your money upward when you've earned it more than them. Any system or program out there will be abused by crafty ones, but you don't need to belong to the dumb ones who don't see it by the wealthy and only "call wolf" when it is someone you consider lesser than you.

I can forgive the errors of Democrats like President Barack Obama, but I can never forget the blatant agenda of all Republicans. Most have been clever, and when they are not so clever they call it "I've misspoken," never taking responsibility. Now they will try to parse their words, but don't be fooled by them when they speak like parrots and puppets. They are part of a bigger agenda even they may not be aware of:

Day 1: After the 2009 inaugural, there was a pledge to make Obama a one-term president rather than cooperate and lead the country.

Gov. John Kasich denying Ohio high-speed rail development, infrastructure and jobs.

Targeting Lou Gentile's Democrat-held position by a nameless horseman, as they have no candidate who is capable, but they pledge to put "someone" in there, like the position Josh Mandel is running for. He is a puppet like U.S. Rep. Todd Aiken and others who easily misspeak. They really have no values, so it is easy to misspeak.

Lies against U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, saying that he does not vote for Ohioans. The truth is that he did vote for coal and got in trouble from all others across the nation, yet he held true to Ohio.

Republicans in Congress voting for money transfer upward rather than leading the nation in compromise. Yesteryear they could have voted to gradually reduce military spending, but they prefer to use veterans and jobs as political ploys in a fiscal-cliff to scare you to vote their way - another lie.

Adlai Stevenson said it in the 1950s, "If you will stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about you." Well, it is your choice and we have had almost 70 years of lies. Let us stop the lies now. Vote a total Democratic ticket in early voting.

Lorraine Floch


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