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Tea party truly grassroots

September 2, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

There were questions as to whether the Republican convention would happen as planned, due to a tropical storm bearing down on the region. I personally think Obama's doing it, using the weather-control device the conspiracy theorists insist Bush utilized to create Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans.

What other explanation is there? Following the Katrina disaster, we were told that, thanks to global warming - or climate change, or whatever it's called today - hurricanes would only worsen; that we would only see endless successions of Katrinas.

However, every hurricane season since has been comparatively mild. But now, this one just "coincidentally" headed right for Tampa. Logically - well, using whacko liberal logic, anyway - it could only be that diabolical weather-control machine.

Being a Republican is like being a Steelers fan; we often experience the same frustrations, at least superficially. A complaint many Steelers fans often have, is that officials are much less picky in throwing penalty flags on our boys, than with other teams, that Pittsburgh gets flagged for things other teams often openly get away with. It's the same in the political arena; Republicans get tagged for things Democrats don't.

Google "Solyndra", "Lightsquared" or "Fast and Furious" sometime - these are just a handful of Obama's outrages which could, and probably would, have been used to destroy a Republican administration. However, since the mass media is liberal, and Obama is the most liberal Democrat ever in the office, he openly gets away with it. I wish you could throw a red flag to officially protest, and demand an official review of the play; but then, if you did, you'd only get called a racist.

Has anyone heard from Occupy Wall Street, lately? "OWS" - remember them, useful idiot Obama zombies, lounging in parks and other public areas they made filthy, protesting the lack of jobs and the fact that there are consequences in life, and quite literally spreading vermin, mayhem and disease. They were also responsible for vandalism, rapes, murders and drug overdoses, all the while steadfastly refusing work, even when job applications were literally handed to them.

They cheerfully, profanely and vulgarly chanted their complete ignorance of economics and government.

OWS was all the rage a year or so ago, breathlessly hailed by liberal pundits as the "left's answer to the tea party." Even conservative analysts warned that they could become "Obama's army" in the election year.

Yet, the encampment I and some friends encountered in Washington, D.C., some months back was all but deserted and, according to passersby, actually was deserted for much of the day, every day. What happened?

I guess that's what you get, attempting to artificially generate a grassroots movement, paying people to show up for "spontaneous" protest demonstrations - there's no true commitment. The roots, what few there are, are shallow and the movement dies relatively quickly. But then, that's liberalism, in a nutshell: shallow and rootless.

What of the truly grassroots, conservative tea party, however? Victorious candidates abound.

Rob Denham


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