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We should all work together

September 2, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Which cell should I have at the asylum? I'm so sure that all of the letters written to the editor are intelligent and completely sane.

Look at what has happened, not only with our country, but the entire world.

People are attacking each other verbally and physically, and we have all become a civilization in unrest.

The job of president of the United States is one of the more difficult a person can have, but we have come to an age where instead of working for the good of all, everyone is attacking each other. It has become a frenzy of falsehoods and discrediting each other.

While trying to aide all, they are caught up in making some happy, others angry and the rest don't even seem to care to vote anymore.

Is the chaos in the nation or the world about to stop, or would we all be happier in a little padded cell?

It should be the "United" States of America, and the "united" countries of the world. It seems as though everything is spinning a bit too quickly and everyone is getting too angry at how they treat one another.

We have people killing each other in the streets, wars are erupting all over the world and no one wants to step down and take the time to see the pain in others.

Attacking - discrediting - anger and vicious gossip -is that all that is left to live with?

For years, I have watched those who discredit for no reason except their own self-importance. It gets old and musty after awhile.

I listen or read the harsh words of arrogant people or the judgments of idle minds.

Not only the politicians, but everyone should practice showing a bit more respect for someone besides themselves and a bit more patience when dealing with the lives of others.

We all have a reason to be on this earth. We should all be role models for the children who need someone to look up to. Have we seen that during the presidential campaign?

Stop the arguing. Cease the political differences and, please, work together for the good of our America.

Carol Hauber


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