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Johnson stands up for residents

September 2, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

A recent article in another newspaper describes a meeting that Democratic candidate Charlie Wilson conducted with residents of a Belmont County retirement center. Wilson and Phillip Rotondi, an adviser for the group National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, criticized U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, and distorted the Ryan plan for Medicare reform. Let's compare their misrepresentations and the facts as outlined by Paul Ryan.

Wilson and Rotondi made the following claims about Johnson and the Ryan budget: Wilson claims that he is the candidate with a 100 percent voting record on issues that are important to seniors, but he fails to say what those issues were. I remember Wilson voting along party lines and supporting Nancy Pelosi's agenda. Is Pelosi the senior to whom Wilson is referring? Wilson claims that the Ryan budget supported by Johnson will privatize Medicare and repeal the current Medicare benefits to seniors including annual wellness visits.

Let's look at the facts of the Ryan budget as published in his "Path to Prosperity" and discussed in interviews: Ryan's budget is filled with facts about the future of Medicare and Social Security if changes are not instituted. If changes are not made, these benefits will not be available for future generations. Ryan proposes that there be no changes in the Medicare benefits for all citizens 55 and older. Ryan's plan will make changes for those Americans under the age of 55 which will be beneficial to all Americans, now and in the future. These changes will give those Americans more control over their health care, instead of health benefits mandated by the government.

Wilson is running for office again. He cannot run on his record because he did not represent the citizens of the 6th Congressional District. He was not accessible to us - he canceled meetings and would not speak to us on the phone. He has resorted to distortions of the truth and scaring senior citizens. That is a shameful way to try to win an election - causing anxiety and fear in vulnerable elderly citizens.

Johnson has represented the citizens of the 6th District. Johnson has traveled throughout the district and has been accessible to the citizens he represents. He has a proud record of voting for the citizens of our district and he does not have to resort to distortions or scare tactics to secure votes.

We have a choice in November. Wilson wants us to forget his record of questionable service to the citizens of the 6th District. He wants us to believe the distortions about the Ryan budget and its potential to save Medicare. Johnson has represented us well and will continue that service in the future. Get the facts about both candidates and make the best choice for the citizens of the 6th Congressional District. Our future depends on it.

Michalene King


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