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Debt growing under Obama

September 9, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

So how do you like being $51,000 in debt? And not just you - your spouse, and each of your children as well. But not to fear, your neighbors and friends are in the same boat. On Tuesday, our country just exceeded $16 trillion in debt. In just the past 10 months alone, $1 trillion alone has been added. At that rate, how long until the country falls off the proverbial fiscal cliff? President Barack Obama, in his 2008 campaign, promised he would cut the debt by half. Not only has he not cut the debt, under his "leadership" he has added more than $5 trillion to that debt he likes to remind us he inherited.

So what would stop the country from going over the fiscal cliff? Government spending must go down. Yes, we need to increase tax revenue, but not by raising taxes. We must put people back to work. First, if they were working they would need less government handouts. A bonus on top of that is that more tax revenue could be collected as more would be paying into the tax system. Obama has done nothing but add more regulations, making it harder to start new businesses and keep existing businesses operating.

Obama's new slogan for the 2012 campaign is "Forward." So far he has shown us his idea of "forward" is higher taxes, higher national debt, higher gas prices, more deficit spending, more people on food stamps and welfare, more people in poverty, higher food and energy prices, less freedoms and liberty, more regulations, more people losing their homes, more attacks on our religious rights, more division among our citizens, more unemployment and more destruction of our Constitution. And that is just the beginning. If he is re-elected, in four years you will not recognize the United States.

Carol Miller

Martins Ferry

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