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‘2016’ offers true insights

September 16, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

"2016" is a must-see movie.

On Sept. 4, my husband and I and two relatives went to the theater at the Fort Steuben Mall to see this documentary film produced by Gerald Molen. He admitted that he, and probably most Americans, know very little about Barack Obama.

For two years, he worked on this film, which included trips to Hawaii, across the continental United States, Kenya and Indonesia. He had interviews with very close friends of Barack Sr., who loved him dearly, and hand-crafted a huge monumental grave site in 1982 after he died. He also interviewed his grandmother before she died and his half brother, George Obama, a very handsome and intelligent man who wrote a book about his brother.

He spoke with people who grew up with him after the family moved to Indonesia. He also spoke with college professors and people, past and present, who held or hold political offices. All these, and more - interviews and speeches made by Obama himself talking about his father after he had written his book, "Dreams from My Father," were filmed, including a very touching scene of him visiting his father's grave - were shown in this film.

Molen said Barack Obama had met with Al Sharpton and decided that he did not want to travel the "angry black man's" path.

It is a very insightful film, and I agree with the advertisements I have seen about it - "Barack Obama, whether you love him or dislike him, you need to see this film."

Dottie Helsley


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