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Problems need addressed

September 18, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

Last week, two residents addressed Weirton City Council with concerns about the state of their downtown Weirton neighborhood.

With reports of drug use, vandalism, home invasions and violence, the residents asked council what could be done to make their neighborhood safe.

It's no secret incidents of crime take place in our communities. While Weirton has been relatively safe compared to some other area towns, there are still problems which need to be addressed and it will take the community working together to make a difference.

We applaud those residents who stepped up and went to city council last week to express their concerns, because that is exactly what residents need to do.

As council explained, if a residents sees a crime being committed, they should immediately contact the Weirton Police Department and make officers aware.

It is the job of our local law enforcement officials to to investigate and fight against the criminal element in our cities and towns. But they, sometimes, need help from the rest of us to do it.

That doesn't mean taking the law into our own hands, however. Far from it, in fact. By being willing to step forward and let police know something illegal is taking place, we are doing our part. Let the professionals do the rest.

We have problems in our communities, and those problems need addressed.

But by working together, we can all contribute to making our area that much better.

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