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Voters must get involved

September 30, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

If you are a Jefferson County water customer, I hope you will read this letter and try to reason with me as to how the commissioners can give away more than $150,000 of our money that Smithfield owes the county for water. Yes, it is our money - the water customers' money - plus more than $140,000 in attorney fees trying to get this money, plus the thousands of dollars already spent repairing Smithfield's water system with our personnel and our material.

Smithfield's water system is in disrepair. The citizens and the government of Smithfield have been irresponsible in maintaining their water system. Now the commissioners want to bail them out at our expense.

The commissioners say that with the added customers, it will cover the added cost. That is hard for me to believe.

By the commissioners' own admission, it will take up to $1.5 million, probably more when all is said and done, to put their system in shape. They also said that the money we have in reserve to keep out system solvent will not be used and our water rates will not go up. You do the math.

I hope you keep all this in mind when you go to vote. Please get involved. It's also your water system.

Harry C. Andrews Sr.


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