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Some thoughts and opinions

October 7, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

1. Obama must go! Campaign slogan for 2008 was "Change." Slogan for 2012 "Forward." How can you go forward when you haven't even started? I'm waiting to see the debt reduction.

2. Evaluation. All will agree that in order to buy something, be it a car, house, clothes, etc., someone needs to make it. If we evolved from something, how did the "something" we evolved from get there? Think about it.

3. Who is the government? Were we not taught that the government is "We the people" not the Democrats or Republicans? I get upset when I hear "the government has lots of money." It's our money, yours and mine and those we elect to do the spending of it, and not all agree how to spend it. My problem with their spending is that when people apply for assistance, not enough is done to see if the assistance is truly needed. For example, is everyone on disability truly disabled? Should our money be spent to support people that take no responsibility for their actions? Read the birth announcements in the paper, and I'll bet you that 50 percent of those with only the mother's name or those with two different names will end up getting government (peoples' money) assistance. People need to be responsible for their actions. If you can't feed them, then don't have them.

4. Tax the rich. I see the political ads that say a vote for Romney will give more tax breaks for the millionaires. If we are talking just millionaires, then all the professional athletes will get more money, right? To me, anyone making $200,000 a year is rich. These politicians gave the rich all the loopholes to amass their fortunes and now they want to tax them! What hypocrites. Remember the Golden Rule: Those that got the gold, they do the ruling.

On Nov. 6, 2012, I hope and pray that all who believe in traditional morals and values get out to vote for Romney. Otherwise it might be too late in 2016 to right the ship.

Obama is a great orator. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

God, please help our country get back to its once greatness.

Ray Kaczynski


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