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Obama does not represent me

October 7, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To he editor:

As we are told to see the good in everything, I struggle to find good in an issue this president masks with his agenda under the veil of womens' rights. His administration falsely speaks as if it is behind the majority of women in America but they are not speaking for me or the millions of women against this administration.

I have seen firsthand how harmful abortion is to women. I have seen women distraught and depressed after seeking help from Planned Parenthood, which convinced them they needed an abortion that they now regret. If you do not know, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, making money from aborting the lives of unwanted children. If you want more concrete information of their immoral practices, read "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson, a former director of Planned Parenthood who witnessed their practices firsthand. Their motive isn't to help women in the long run. They do not provide mammograms but instead low-dose birth control that often results in pregnancy and then, at that point they recommend abortions. There are many other agencies that provide real care for women, care that aids them when they are most in need both short and long term. Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president we have ever had and his lack of concern for the unborn and for life should alarm every voter and every woman. This is a serious issue that cannot be overlooked.

Other alarming issues include the debt he has put us in and how he wants people to be dependent on the government. Our country was forged for all men and women to be independent and have religious freedom, but that is not the path Obama has our country on. We need to step back and educate ourselves and see what he is really doing to us and our country. Ask yourself what you would do if a new high school football coach in our area had four losing seasons. Would we be so earnest to give him another four years?

We do need a change and that change is getting him out of office and giving our country the chance it deserves. We have an obligation to get the original plan for America back to where our forefathers wrote for us in our constitution. Don't let our democracy be destroyed. We must fight for the truth. We must fight for our children and family by each playing a part in saving America by voting him out of office.

Lynette Hawrot


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