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October 11, 2012
By CHUCK CRONIN , Weirton Daily Times

These words will enrich your vocabulary.

Disingenuous - lacking in candor.

Sanctimonious - pretending to be very pious.

Satiate - to fill full, satisfy, stuffed.

Tout de suite - immediately, right away.

Vitriolic - speech with bitterness, venom.

Insatiable - always wanting more.

Ex libris - belonging to the library.

Insipid - dull, lifeless.

Petulant - sulky, crabby, testy.

Melliflous - sweet, musical, pleasant to hear.

Hegemony - authority or control.

Zeitgeist - spirit of the age.

A shout out to Faith Melto of Raleigh Avenue, who said she enjoys our word drills.

The fourth annual charity golf tournament of Weirton Medical Center Foundation went smoothly on a cool, sunny day. The winning foursome was Dr. George Mascio, Dr. Chris Mascio, Dave Cowden and Eric DeGori, with a score of 16 under par 56 in the four-person scramble, according to the club's congenial golf professional Dean Berardino.

It was nice to chat with newspaper executive Alex Marshall, who was in the playing field supporting the charitable event.

Good quote: "The only thing worse than growing old is being denied the privilege."

Confidence on the tee is that inward assured feeling you have before you hit a wicked snap hook into the brush.

Our favorite quote on golf came from Dean Martin: "If you drink, don't drive. Don't even putt."

Jack Wells, a long-time friend who worked in the Purchasing Department of Weirton Steel, said he enjoys our column. He asked about a mutual friend, Jack Thayer, and I assured him Mr. Thayer is still swinging the golf club - with good results most of the time.

Rick Smith tells a story about a man visiting his doctor. The doctor says, "It is hard for me to say this but you've only got six weeks to live."

The patient said he wanted a second opinion.

And the doctor replied, "Okay, you're ugly, too."

You may know Rick, the video genius. When he catches a jet to play Pebble Beach, his wallet is considered carry-on luggage.

A cart full of groceries these days sure soaks up one's cash. Even the casino operators in town are noticing it!

Dennis Jones is deserving of some kind of community award for the excellence he brought to the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center.

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