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Need a better foreign policy plan

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

As I previously mentioned, the two topics I haven't heard discussed in this presidential campaign so far are the enormous debt load America is carrying that continues to grow and Iran. What is America doing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear capability? Maybe in the next debate these topics will come up, at least Romney has a campaign ad that addresses the subject of the debt.

So whose eye is on Iran? What I've read, intelligence coverage of Iran's nuclear readiness varies greatly which is why America needs to take positive aggressive action to solve the problem. Everyone knows Iran is developing the capability but no one is coming forward to help prevent them from attaining that capability. If it's for peaceful purposes, why does Iran have to do it in secret? Ahmadinejad has already made it perfectly clear; "to wipe Israel off the map." Iran is ready for war.

If they are ready to harm Israel just think about Iran coming after the United States to finish the job started with 9/11. Flying airplanes into buildings was just small potatoes compared to a small nuclear device exploded somewhere over the United States. If you don't think it could happen, think again!

Some intelligence indicates that "sleeper" cells are already working on the next attack and that seven cities have been selected. Just think about waking up to your newspaper: "Nuclear Bombs Explode Over Seven American Cities!" Even if it's just one city, the devastation would be mind-blowing. If a nuclear device was detonated it will release not only radiation but an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This pulse doesn't kill people it kills every form of electricity for months or even years. With none of our electrical devices or systems working, states and cities in the path of the detonation would be paralyzed and in gridlock for months or longer.

I just hope and pray that whoever becomes President has the foresight to charter a course to quickly resolve this situation with Iran. Neither Israel or America or any other county will be safe when Iran has nuclear power. When something evil happens to the United States, Iran and the entire Middle East take to the streets and shout, "Death to America." Do you really think a 15 minute movie that hit the Internet caused our Libyan ambassador to be killed and caused rioting across the Middle East? I don't. I believe it is part of their plan. I believe Iran is getting close.

God help us on the day that Iran says they have nuclear capability.

Thomas W. Zielinky


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