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Where are our priorities?

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Is there something wrong with our education system in Hancock County? Last year a school bond levy barely passed which caused an increase in our property taxes. The slogan was "Do it for the children!" Since then, two sports complexes have been completed. It seems they were the No. 1 priority. "Had to be done before football season began." Grand openings for both complexes with much hoopla. "Oh how beautiful they are." "Great job everyone."

However, the new elementary school apparently not so important. Repairs to the other schools not so important. I thought the idea of starting schools earlier this year was to assure the required number of days in class were attainable. However, one school couldn't even begin until a week later because construction was behind schedule and even now after six weeks, the same school was closed because of a heating problem. Another elementary school has the children in a makeshift classroom sitting together at tables and chairs rather than desks because of construction. Is this "doing it for the children?" The board better hope the winter is mild and they don't have many snow days because the kids at Allison will get an extended school year because of their late start and construction delays.

And now last but maybe not least. What about trying to build a health clinic at the new school claiming that WMC was onboard with the idea and finding out they weren't? Even the City of Weirton was left out of the loop. Another $1 million was going to be taken out of taxpayers' money for this project so that two public entities could take business away from WMC. I don't believe this money was included in the bond levy. Where was it going to come from? That money could be used to hire full time nurses for each school instead of building a new building.

I guess my questions to Hancock County citizens are "Where are our priorities?" and "How much more money are we willing to give up to the board of education to spend as they see fit?" Is it really "Do it for the children" or "Give them the money and let them do whatever they want with it?"

Charlie Mitchell


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