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You can't rewrite history

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Rewriting history will not work with the thought "What if" is inferred as a solution.

Conservative intelligentsia infer if FDR did nothing during the Great Depression the economy would have rebounded at a fast pace.

We will never know. What happened is history. To infer what might have happened is writing fiction.

But we know what happened in history for certain when hunger and poverty ruled the landscape. Revolution. The sad part the good guy doesn't always win.

The question I ask of the do nothing conservative is when the bottom 10 percent 30 million are hungry, and their bellies swell will we have water cannons throughout the United States holding back the seekers of a morsel of bread or a revolution with the poverty stricken attacking the top 10 percent who have all the bread.

Gambling and drugs are destroying the soul of this country and conservative think tank rhetoric is about Social Security and Medicare and how we should end entitlements.

There is a drug problem in every high school. That starts in grade school in America. Gambling is siphoning billions of dollars out of the economy. No product for the money spent. Both are addictive and no return to normalcy once engaged.

Nary a word is heard from the think tankers on how devastating both are to the economy. The nation has problems and it's not government entitlements.

Steve Kopa


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