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Who are the crazy ones?

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

I know for a fact that there's much more Democrat voter fraud than Republican; how?

Because Republicans favor "voter ID" laws, while Democrats vehemently, desperately, oppose them. Yet, in order to get into their convention, what did one need to present? A photo ID; just saying.

Why should people vote as conservative as possible on Election Day?

Liberalism offers top-down, centralized big-government; socialism, though it's already been tried, again and again, and has failed, each time.

Conservatism supports individualist self-determination, personal liberty, small government and free-market economics, the system that, for its admitted imperfections, took America from worst to first in under 200 years, a record in all of history; the system that's brought millions of people here - sometimes risking their very lives - seeking freedom and opportunity. It's a system which only began to fail, when America itself started adopting increasingly socialist policies.

Socialist ideology turns second-world countries into third-world countries, and is, as we speak, turning first-world countries into second-world, as European economies implode due to decades of socialist nanny-statism. It cannot work indefinitely, as a broad-based economic system; after a while, simply put, the funds going out surpass the funds coming in.

Here, in America, the situation is somewhat more sinister; Democrats cynically use socialist policies to buy (actually extort) votes from the underprivileged, who think they're being helped when they're really being used; subjugated by their acceptance of government help (after all, the welfare system is a trap; it can be difficult to get out of, once you're in, giving Democrats a healthy pool of voters to manipulate), and are directly contributing to the eventual collapse of the very system on which they depend.

The only people socialist "wealth redistribution" enriches is the ruling class of tyrants and the corrupt, self-serving bureaucrats which inflict it.

They live like kings, while the populace it supposedly "liberates" starves in poverty and/or tyranny, either European-style "soft tyranny," where the government "takes care" of them by increasingly regulating their lives in exchange for expensive, cradle-to-grave entitlements - what liberals/Democrats essentially offer here - or North Korean, Cuban and Chinese-style "hard tyranny" where it absolutely reigns over them.

Remember, secularist, socialist ideology has directly resulted in the deaths of well over 100 million people since 1917. Here's a hint: Any system that kills people in the effort of trying to make itself function, has failed. Miserably.

We're told that "the definition of insanity is trying the exact same thing over and over, expecting a different result." Socialist ideology has failed many, many times, yet American liberals/Democrats want to try it again. But we conservatives are the "nuts" right?

Communist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela supports Obama; again, just saying.

So go ahead, Democrat voters; support a party favoring a proven-deadly, tragically-failed ideology; which actually had to hold a vote, to keep God in its philosophy; which thinks ever-escalating government invasiveness on individual rights is OK, and that trees, animals, plants and insects have more right to live than a human fetus.

Or, vote conservative.

Rob Denham


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