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What happened to Mingo Junction?

October 28, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I'm a middle-age man in my 60s. I have lived in the Mingo Junction area most of my life, the last 40 years in town. Growing up, I remember how nice the town was. There were stores, an ice cream shop, restaurants, the whole downtown was busy. They even had a movie theater.

They always had events for the kids and the older people. Now I sit back and see what has happened to the village. What was once a beautiful city had become a rundown village.

In 1987, council saw what was going to happen with the mill. Instead of starting to cut back and starting to save, they just went on their way of spending. The built a water plant that was too big because it was built for the mill. Instead of working out a deal with the mill to help pay for it, they just paid for it and let the mill get a favorable water rate.

Now that the mill has shut down they want us to pay for their mistake, a little bit at a time.

Sixty percent of the people living in Mingo Junction are older, and others have lost their jobs. Why not sell it to the county or the state and get it over with? Also, now they want to take the money that was voted on to go toward the community - they want to steal that now.

We have five police cars with one officer out on a shift. Sell two cars. The fire department has extra things. Council should have been looking ahead instead of at the moment.

It was a great city before, with parades and Little League teams with tournaments. Now all we have are four bars and a pizza shop downtown. So turn out the lights, the village would look better in the dark. I wish we had better people on council during the last 30 years, and maybe we would be better off. One thing we have is a $300,000 splash pad to go look at.

Joe Porter

Mingo Junction

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