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Voters should send Obama packing

October 28, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

How far must Obama go before our elected officials decide to enforce the Constitution?

Obama has decimated our country. Millions are unemployed because he and his cadre of cohorts instigated socialist economic plans and policies that were consigned to the scrap heap of history more than 30 years ago.

Obama has trampled our Constitution, he's usurped the authority of Congress, alienated our allies, cozied up to our enemies, used our hard-earned money to line the pockets of his cronies, turned a blind eye to voter fraud and the selling of weapons to criminal elements south of the border; and to top it all off, he continues to accrue debt at such an alarming rate that it's a clear and present threat to our national security.

Mychal S. Massie with Project 21, who is calling for Obama's impeachment, put it even more eloquently: "He has acted both unilaterally and in concert with Middle East policies that have opened the entire region to radical Islamists who have already seized Libya and have taken hold in Egypt. He has nationalized American industries, he has subverted the rights of States, he has acted in concert with criminal illegal alien elements that are overrunning our country and bankrupting state infrastructures."

Massie goes on: "He has openly instructed his Justice Department what laws he will arbitrarily support. He has not only supported, but encouraged, racial prejudice and criminal actions in his Justice Department by his silence and willingness to become involved in municipal police doing their job, while ignoring unambiguous racially motivated actions in his own Justice Department."

And Massie concludes by telling us: "Obama is being openly disingenuous and dishonest, he is acting like a monarch. It is up to Congress to honor the Constitution and remove this man from office. America cannot wait. The damage he is capable of every day we wait is too great to ignore. We must call and write our representatives and tell them enough is enough. We must tell them either they begin efforts to remove him or we will work to remove them next election."

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, writing for the American Thinker, calls Obama's actions "Lawless" and adds: "Obama and his administration have engaged in years of lawbreaking.

Obama unlawfully used T.A.R.P. money so that the government obtained ownership interests in Chrysler and General Motors. He ignored the War Powers Act in deploying the military machine to Libya. When Congress refused to pass the D.R.E.A.M. Act, he implemented portions of it via executive order."

So, I ask you? Which of these "high crimes and misdemeanors" doesn't constitute as an impeachable offense? One thing is certain - we cannot have another four years of Obama. We need leadership, we need to have the man who hates America removed from office. We want it now and we need it now. Nothing is more important to the survival of America than the immediate removal of Obama from office.

Robert Yost


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