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Principles matter

November 4, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

In your October 28, 2012 edition, you published a letter to the editor which was not fact checked. That letter was highly critical of Pat McGeehan, who is running for state senate.

Pat McGeehan's record in the House of Delegates was referenced. The 2009 sessions are remarkable in that many delegates had large numbers of absences. Democrat Alex Shook had 89. Democrat Kevin Craig, 86. Democrat Tal Hutchins had 69. None of these men were ill or otherwise infirm to my knowledge. With the exception of Hutchins, the rest of the men had something else in common - they owned their own businesses.

Pat McGeehan was present for 93.7 percent of the votes.

What ground-breaking, job-creating legislation did he miss the opportunity to vote on?

A resolution for "Women's Day in West Virginia."

Another recognizing and honoring Social Workers in West Virginia.

One grandiosely titled "Expressing the will of the House of Delegates regarding Congress and President Obama planning a taxpayer-sponsored economic recovery package." History proves how ineffective that was.

Delegate McGeehan voted "no" 116 times on 431 bills during the 2010 session. The Journal from the House of Delegates confirms this unequivocally.

I have known Pat McGeehan for a while now. His character, dedication and work ethic go unrivaled.

While Pat served in the House of Delegates, he did so with passion and conviction, working hard for his constituents. I know Pat read and understood the bills he voted upon.

Unlike other politicians from our state, Pat does not view the world in terms of Republican or Democrat. Pat views the world in terms of right and wrong.

He took vocal opposition to the Cap and Trade bill and its negative effect on jobs in West Virginia.

Looking at the Journal from the House of Delegates, in November of 2009, Pat McGeehan was indeed present for this Cap and Trade vote, and he voted against it.

Ironically, Mr. Ed Bowman, as well as Pat McGeehan's current opponent, Jack Yost from Wellsburg, both voted in favor of this Cap and Trade bill, and its job killing provisions.

McGeehan has an "A" rating with the NRA, and a 100 percent attendance record in 2010 alone.

I do know one thing, Pat will always be there when we need him the most.

Principles matter, especially when selecting your state senator. What kind of man would tell boldface lies to further the partisan cause of a candidate bought and paid for by special interests?

When it comes to missing votes, let's be clear about who was absent for a vote critical to the Northern Panhandle. House Bill 201 took a delegate away from the Northern Panhandle and Brooke County. It carried by one vote in the senate. Guess who was absent and did not vote? Jack Yost.

This is the kind of information that should be considered when you cast your vote on Nov. 6.

Combat Veteran. Air Force Academy Graduate. Parent. Author. Thought leader. Principled individual. That describes Pat McGeehan.

Dolph Santorine


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