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Not satisfied

November 18, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

My name is George Gaughenbaugh. I am a Councilman representing Ward 5, Marland Heights. I have an issue with how your paper reports incidents involving our city.

First, the reporting of the preliminary hearing of the local rape trial was outrageous, in my opinion. The graphic details were uncalled for. I cannot imagine how horrible it must have been for the victim, parents, grandparents, family and friends to read. We have been informed both through local TV and newspaper media of an assault occurring but your over the top detail was uncalled for. There have been many sexual assaults in our area, but we have never been exposed to the graphic details before. Please, in the future use discretion in reporting an issue as fragile as this. There are many young readers that do not need this detailed explanation of what occurred.

Secondly, on the weekend of October 13, 2012, there was a rash of break-ins in my ward. I received many calls pertaining to these incidents. Our Police Chief sent out a news alert to all the news groups in the area. There was a brief news article on Channel 9 on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. As of November 14, 2012, not one article has appeared to warn my constituents about the break-ins in the Weirton Daily Times. Due to this, there has been a lot of misinformation circulating around the residents of Marland Heights. I feel that this is your duty to report this for the safety of my constituents and all the citizens of Weirton. Several years ago, I was a victim of a robbery which was never reported in the paper. When I talked to the editor at that time, I was told that they report what the police give them. According to the police there is a report that is not being picked up. In our Weirton Daily Times paper this past week there were arrests from the Steubenville Police, The Ohio Highway Patrol but nothing about the robberies. You could really help out the community with better reporting.

I hope that we start reading more of what happens in our community in the future.

George Gaughenbaugh


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