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A liberal indoctrination

December 16, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

The California teacher's union has issued a cartoon aimed at young children, touting the destructive evils of wealthy, "1-percent" people, while praising the virtues of the "99-percent" and the all-but-defunct "Occupy" movement.

I've tried several times to watch the video, but everytime I try, it for some reason comes up "private" so, admittedly, I haven't seen it.

However, I do know the propaganda piece is narrated by Hollywood staple and self-proclaimed "card-carrying liberal" Ed Asner, who is, like so many other Hollywood liberals, himself a rich "1-percenter."

Time was American parents and educators taught our children the good things about America and that our Founders were visionaries and intelligent, well-intentioned men. That the glory of the nation they built was that virtually anyone who worked hard could succeed, perhaps even become rich, and captains of their own, individual destinies.

When did they start teaching that America is bad? That somehow, wealth and productivity are evil, destructive and even oppressive?

What is the inferred alternative then?

That we should all pledge our "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to the faceless bureaucracy, letting huge, bloated government guide our destinies? That ideal is antithetical to everything for which Americanism has ever stood.

Liberalism thinks no one should ever have to fail; that it's unfair that some succeed while others don't. This is a nice idea, and noble, on the surface, but completely impractical and counter-productive, in practice.

Learning to deal with failure and adversity builds character. Besides, how do we assure that no one fails?

Well, that's where government comes in; creeping, centralized socialism since 1913, accelerating since 1933; ever-growing government, stricter regulation and costly nanny-state policies.

Through entitlement programs and welfare, they take wealth earned by those who have succeeded, re-distributing it to those who haven't. Doing so, they punish effort and success, rewarding sloth and failure.

What lesson does this teach our children?

Through indoctrination by education and culture, the left not-so-subtly undermines and twists the people's understanding of their history, civic responsibilities and national birthright. Often, through diminished educational standards and dumbed-down curricula, it also undermines work ethic and skills; many high school graduates are severely lacking in the "three R's", sciences, and have almost no knowledge of their own nation's history.

The ultimate goal here is that the vast majority, feeling entitled to whatever they can get, surrenders its will to governmental authority, all living on the same pittance doled out by government largesse, with no incentive, much less ability, to rise above. This, in turn, eventually bankrupts nations; the European Union, for example.

Surely, Mr. Asner is planning, soon, to go around downtown LA, handing out his money to homeless people, and going door-to-door in poor neighborhoods, passing out wads of Franklins.

Isn't it amazing just how blind and tone-deaf liberals can be about their own hypocrisy? The slovenly Michael Moore, "documentary" director, was once booed out of an "Occupy" demonstration, being told to "go back to your mansion."

Maybe those people aren't as dumb as they seem.

Rob Denham


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