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About Town

December 28, 2012
By CHUCK CRONIN , Weirton Daily Times

Your challenge: employ one of these words in conversation.

Argot - special language of a particular group of people.

Sequestration - Confiscating or being confiscated.

Existential - Relating to human existence.

Femme fatale - mysterious, seductive woman.

Duplicity - deceptive words or actions.

Abrogation - to abolish or annul.

Morose - gloomy, sullen.

Naivete - the state of being naive.

Detritus - debris, litter, waste.

Desultory - disconnected; lacking direct relevancy.

Jim Longacre recently shot his age - 85 - on a golf course at The Villages, Florida, as did Don Suray, 76. Both worked for Weirton Steel prior to relocating in the south.

A genuinely friendly lounge is the VFW in downtown Weirton. When visiting there seeking support for Weirton United Way, I could not have gotten a warmer reception from the bartender, John Zatezalo, and his VFW patrons; it made this 17th Infantry Regiment veteran (Korea) feel proud to be a member.

Overheard: "I'm just back from a pleasure trip. Took my wife to the airport."

One recent evening, while attending a business meeting at Undo's, we had the pleasure of listening to a very talented act, The Donahues, a singing father-son duo whose harmonizing is silky-smooth!

Jim Donahue, age 60, who retired after 36 years in the strip steel department of Weirton Steel, and his son, Jimmy, age 34, teacher and football coach in Pennsylvania, have been entertaining since about 2000. Their music is on tape, a la karaoke. Their business card proclaims, "Easy Listening Vocals," and that is exactly what they supply to their audiences. They are exceptionally good. If you want to book them, their phone number is 724-729-3426.

The word "ethos" means the distinctive character of a group.

In my estimation, Weirton United Way's glitzy Super Bowl Eve party last year was superb - the party of the year! There will be a repeat on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 at the Weirton Knights of Columbus Gallery. Scott Winwood, event chairman, is joined by Kristin Bowman Cross and Campaign Chairman John C. Greco in planning the event. Don't miss this one.

So get your Super Bowl raffle tickets soon for the 55-inch LG 3D Smart LED TV including a Blu-Ray 3D player, plus $500 Gift Card. Winner need not be present, but you gotta buy a $5 ticket to win the big prize.

A few of the many things you don't see any more: a Chinese checker board, coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes, Teaberry chewing gum, 45 RPM records, the key to the roller skates, baseball cards packaged with bubble gum, washing machine wringers, milk bottles, and newsreels. I saved a juke box from the 50s. It weighs a ton! Is there a local repairman?

I kind of like the acronym, YOLO, meaning you only live once. And malarkey

is an okay word, as well.

The seven deadly sins: anger, covetousness, envy, gluttony, lust, pride and sloth.

Sine die - the end of an assembly for an indefinite period.

It was nice to receive a Christmas card from Bill Virgin, who was a Weirton Daily Times business reporter in the 1980s. Bill and his family reside in the state of Washington.

Happy New Year!

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