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Conservatives need to be in charge

March 31, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

The assault on the Second Amendment continues as the American left does its level best to subtly erode the right to bear arms, endlessly calling for "sensible" gun laws.

Well, OK; sensible gun laws sound great. Here's my question: What's "sensible?" Besides a vague, highly-subjective term, that is?

"Sensible" gun laws could mean literally anything to anyone, from absolutely no restrictions on gun ownership, to the complete repeal of the Second Amendment, and anything in between.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, among others, would love to have a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles; problem is, they're not "assault rifles;" that is a willful misnomer - typical leftie tactic - to scare people, which it apparently has. People who don't - or won't - know any better.

True "assault rifles" are fully-automatic machine guns, the trigger of which you only have to pull once, and hold. The weapon fires until the clip empties.

They're already illegal to own; only the military and civilian law enforcement use them. Well, them, and criminals who don't observe gun laws, of course.

These disingenuous gun-grabbers are trying to ban semi-automatic weapons, which are only made to resemble machine guns. Semi-autos, no matter how many rounds are in the clip, only fire as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. Any good six-shot revolver will do the same thing, and you can bet your last dime that this ban would be another stepping-stone, because eventually, someone on the left would say "hey, revolvers work like that, too; let's ban them."

Give an inch, etc.

For all their posturing, it's not we conservatives the statist Obama Regime and their gun-grabbing, communist cohorts are laughing at. We know who and what they are, and what they're doing; and in the long, dark watches of the night, they know it.

No, it's not us; it's their trusting, easily-deceived, willfully-obtuse liberal supporters, happily giving them a free hand in their ongoing attempts at dismantling the foundations of traditional America.

They really can't see the forest for the trees, can they, these poor, deluded liberals? They simply cannot envision a bigger picture; a wider, subtle, more sinister agenda at work. Unless they think conservatives are behind it, naturally.

What do liberals so fear from conservatives?

Heavens; if those evil, repressive conservative idealists had their way, taxes might be lower; spending might be cut; government might become less-intrusive, and regulations less-stifling; unemployment might be lower; the country and its economy might become stronger; personal responsibility and accountability might again become the accustomed norm.

School children might again be taught respect for the flag and love for and appreciation of, their country. Standards of decency might be re-imposed, as in the past. People could find it somewhat more difficult to obtain pornography, or maybe sexual content and profanity on network TV would be subdued.

As conservative writer/pundit Ann Coulter once wrote, "what are they afraid of losing? Their coarseness?"

Maybe, if conservatives did seize power, the hypocritical Senator Feinstein would lend out her own gun, for a rebellion.

Rob Denham


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