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Fascism or freedom?

April 14, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

It has been said, accurately I feel, that "compassion" is judged, by progressive liberals, according to how many people are receiving public assistance benefits in the welfare system.

Conservatives, on the other hand, judge compassion according to how many people no longer require public assistance. By how many are able to leave the welfare system and stand on their own; how many people are free of government's influence.

Conservatives understand that handing someone free goodies does no good for anyone except, obviously, for jaded liberals who cynically exploit the addictive entitlement mindset this creates, bribing constituents and extorting votes.

A major difference between the traditionalist conservative and secular-humanist, progressive/liberal ideologies is, if conservatives dislike, say, some place of business, they simply won't patronize there. If they don't like meat, they won't eat meat; don't like guns, they won't have one.

When progressives dislike something, however, they'll do everything in their power to deny it to everyone. This is because the "open-minded," "enlightened" liberal ideology is, truthfully, an oppressive, sanctimonious, egotistical philosophy.

I tire of the lie, force-fed to our culture by mass media and academia, that conservatism consists of some form of intolerant, fascist ideology, somehow akin to Nazism. This is patently false.

Despite decades of propaganda, it must be recognized that absolutely any political ideology favoring big, centralized government and control over the individual is, actually, from the Left side of the political spectrum.

This includes Fascism/Nazism.

Though these two sides of the same ideological coin, extreme authoritarianism mixed with elements of corporate dictatorship, may indeed be somewhat to the right of Socialism, they are nonetheless, owing to their autocratic, centralized natures, far left of true conservatism.

After all, it is acknowledged, that the farther right you go on the spectrum, the more ideological freedom you gain, until you eventually reach anarchy. The farther left you go, the more despotic the ideologies become, until you get to Communism.

It is progressivism that favors consolidated governmental control; progressivism which seeks to impose statist, authoritarian regulation on everything and everyone; progressivism that, more and more, seeks control over personal choice and liberties.

It is progressivism that feels people aren't bright enough to make decisions; that the intellectual elites in government - like the dazzlingly-brilliant Joe Biden, say - should intercede, passing endless laws and regulations, and instituting myriad, costly programs and agencies, to care for us and make decisions for us.

Whenever government is centralized into a faceless, monolithic bureaucracy, it is leftist ideology; conservatism favors de-centralization of power; small government.

But really, why shouldn't we trust the government? I mean, government always knows what's right, always does the right thing, and always makes the right decision. Doesn't it?

Conservatism is not as arrogantly presumptuous as progressivism; doesn't impose itself on others. it trusts in individualist self-determination; that a free, unregulated society, properly informed and educated, can be left to their own devices, and will make good decisions.

For themselves.

Call me a revisionist if you like, but that's not Fascism. That's freedom.

Rob Denham


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