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Harrison Central honors its scholars

May 16, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

CADIZ - Harrison Central High School held its scholastic awards program on Tuesday.

The valedictorian award went to Marissa Bennett and Janese Eckley, and the salutatorian award went to Josh Moore.

The senior top 10 are Marissa Bennett, Raprail Daguplo, Janese Eckley, Josh Leggett, Brianna McCune, Josh Moore, Katie Parkinson, Nick Pelegreen, Abigail Shafer, and Jeremy Spoonemore.

Honors diploma candidates are Marissa Bennett, Raprail Daguplo, Shaylynn Dornbush, Callie Eberhart, Janese Eckley, Maryann Hart, Drew Horn, Mikayla Kovacik, Josh Leggett, Brianna McCune, Josh Moore, Katie Parkinson, Nick Pelegreen, Abigail Shafer, Jeremy Spoonemore, Sarah Thatcher and Michayla Whiteman.

Institutional Scholarships awarded were:

Ohio University Eastern, Katie Parkinson, OUE Acess Achievement, $4,500.

Wilmington College, Callie Eberhart, trustee scholarship, $70,000.

Kent State University Tuscarawas campus, Michayla Whiteman, scholarship package, $4,000.

Kent State University, Drew Horn, trustee scholarship, $6,000.

Kent State University Stark campus, Samantha Gillig, scholarship package, $8.000.

Muskingum University, Mariah Chura, scholarship package, $48,000.

Malone University, Marissa Bennett, scholarship package, $60,000.

Ashland University, Jessica Custer, scholarship package, $89,000.

West Virginia University, Joshua Leggett, Shenandoah scholarship, $4,000; Josh Moore, Blue and Gold scholarship, $12,000.

Bethany College, Christen Starr , merit scholarship, $32,000.

Waynesburg University, Abigail Shafer, AB Miller scholarship an awards, $57, 412.

Capital University, Dylan Warner, presidential scholarship and awards, $97,600;

Shaylynn Dornbush, presidential scholarship and awards, $56,800; Kiley Staley, award package, $43,600.

Franciscan University of Steubenville, Brianna McCune, award package, $45,440; Maryann Hart, Provost scholarship, $16,000.

Marietta College, Remington Watt, award package, $80,480; Colton Houston, award package, $76,640; Remington Mount Union University, Mikayla Kovacik, trustee and music scholarship, $72,000.

Ohio State University, Jeremy Spoonemore, trustees scholarship, $8,000; Janese Eckley, award package, land grant scholarship, $58,440.

Military awards, Army National Scholar/Athlete, Jeremy Spoonemore and Shaylynn Dornbush.

Army West Point Leadership Award, Dalton Rutter and Kara Dunfee.

Marines, Brett Mizer and Robert Charleton.

National Guard, Amanda Moore.

Local/corporate awards and scholarships were:

Ray Kroc Award, $250, Nick Pelegreen.

Motorcyclist Memorial Scholarship, Colton Houston, $1,000, first-place essay;Marissa Bennett, $500, third-place essay.

Lifeshare Blood-Drive Scholarship, $500, Katie Parkinson, Nick Pelegreen, Josh Moore, Jeremy Spoonemore, Callie Eberhart and Colton Houston,

Hope Players Scholarship, $300, Cassie Bellerive.

Ohio Community Theater Association Scholarship, $1,000, Cassie Bellerive.

Harrison Country Retired Teachers Scholarship, $400, Mikayla Kovacik.

Diane Arnold Scholarship, $2,000 each, Josh Moore, Katie Parkinson,

Lucas D. Sedgmer Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each, Joshua Leggett, Brianna McCune, Rashaen Mitchell, Nicholas Pelegreen and Katie Parkinson.

Robert Kidder, Cadiz Alumni Golf Outing scholarship, $500 each, Callie Eberhart, Josh Moore, Katie Parkinson, Nick Pelegreen and Jeremy Spoonemore.

Keith Knowles Memorial scholarship, $1,000, Mikayla Kovacik.

JP William Pyles, $1,000 , Allison Kuhn.

Paul and Wanda Hamilton Community scholarship, $500, Jeremy Spoonsmore.

Ourant Schoolhouse Memorial scholarship, $500, Cassie Bellerive.

Grand Lodge of the Masons scholarship, $1,200, Drew Horn.

Flushing Masonic Lodge, $500 each, Katie Parkinson, Joshua Moore and Marissa Bennett.

Freeport Masonic Lodg 415 and Freeport Order of Eastern Star, $500, Maryann Hart.

Sons of American Legion, $1,000, Jeremy Spoonemore.

HHTA scholarships, $400 each, Marissa Bennett, Mikayla Kovacik and Katie Parkinson.

Janet Drexler Scholarship, $500, Abigail Shafer.

Harrison County OSU Alumni Scholarship, Janese Eckley, $1,000; and Jeremy Spoonemore, $900.

Jenkins Family Scholarship, $1,154.50, Drew Horn and Shaylynn Dornbush.

Scio Dining Fork Ruritans, $500, Cheyenne Albright.

Scio Dining Fork Ruritan Scholarship, $500, Nick Pelegreen and Joshua Leggett.

Scio Alumni Association scholarships, Canfield/Hugh/Kinney Scholarship, $500, Joshua Leggett.

Lela Riley Memorial Scholarship, Janese Eckley, $2,000; Michayla Whiteman, $2,000; Cheyenne Albright, $2000;

Marissa Bennett, $1,000; Kevin Warner, $1,000; Abigail Shafer, $1000.

Scio Alumni scholarships, Jessica Custer, $2,000 and Joshua Leggett, $1500.

E.D. Shumaker Excellence in Science Award, $500, James Thompson and Brianna McCune.

Abbie Shumaker Amos Scholarship, $1000, Shannon Compher.

Dr. and Mrs. Algis Fedoravicuis Scholarship, $1,000, Shannon Compher.

Besozzi-Henderson scholarship, $1,000, Cheyenne Albright.

Jewett Alumni Association, John Coutts Memorial scholarships, Jacob Kelley, $250; Jessica Custer, $250; Janese Eckley, $250; Drew Horn, $250; James Thompson, $250; Fletcher Watt, $250; Marissa Bennett, $500; Rashen Mitchell, $500.

R.A. Kammeyer scholarships, Mikayla Kovacik, Jessica Custer, Janese Eckley and Jacob Kelley, $250 each; and Hannah Edwards and Shannon Compher, $500 each.

Cadiz Alumni scholarships, $500, Mariah Chura, Allison Kuhn and Bailee Starr; and $1,000, Brianna McCune, and Dylan Warner.

William Parlett Memorial Scholarship Award, $300, Josh Moore.

Dean Baker and Virena Myers Scholarship, $700, James Thompson.

Clifford Scholarship, $800, Mikayla Kovacik.

James Kenny Leadership Award, $1000, Cssie Bellerive.

Ron Mazeroski Scholarship, $1,000, Nick Pelegreen.

Thomas and Rachel Frew Memorial Scholarship, $1,200, Marissa Bennett.

Edwin and Elizabeth Welsh Family Scholarship, $1,200, Callie Eberhart.

James and Agnus Bertz Scholarship, $1,600, Janese Eckley.

Nancy Rogers Geanangel Scholarship, $1,500, Jeremy Spoonemore.

Modi Scholarship, $750 each, Shaylynn Dornbush and Josh Moore

Betty Kirkland Memorial Leadership Award, $2,200, Katie Parkinson.

Bo Mann Scholarship, $500, Drew Horn and James Thompson.

Fred 'Kit' Ellzy Softball Scholarship, $250, Katie Parkinson.

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