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Real estate transfers

July 1, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

John Cich to Steven and Allison Girone, lot 3, Park Dale (survivorship).

Margaret Easton (deceased) to Harold Easton, 0.975 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Charles and Sandra Kemmer to Ronald and Margaret Gower.

Louella Larson and others to Mary Emery, lot 9, HH Smith First.

Pamela and Scott Allen to Edward Herrick, lots 2-4, Frazier Addition.

Joseph Herrick II to Edward Herrick, lots 2-4, Frazier Addition.

Ralph Spencer (deceased) to Grace Spencer, lot 50, Swickard Second.

Melinda Kuntz to Anna Barnes, lot 77, Hollywood.

Samuel and Ann Shorac Jr. to Jeffrey Schuetz, lot 21, Murphy's First; and 0.283 acre, Steubenville Township.

Sara Gardner (deceased) to Bobby and Sandra Wells, lot 24, Riverview Terrace proposed.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Douglas Freshwater, lot 7, Woodland Park.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Timothy and Marla Yeager, 0.6854 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

Amie Lemasters to David Lemasters, part lot 29, Valley View.

Vicki and Richard Hurkala to Larry Lipan, lot 1, Brentwood Estates.

Elwood Lazear to Rocky Commisso, 0.285 acre, Island Creek Township.

Janet Westling (deceased) to Marian and Richard Pratko, tracts 22-24, Lake Park.

Charles Antinone (deceased) to Roberta Antinone, lot 6, Eastview.

Joan Pate to Annettee Anticole, Unit 4360, Steeple Chase.

Edward and Linda Hennen to Stacey Williamson, lot 19, Broadview.

Housing & Urban Development to Gary Beebe, lot 8, Green's Second.

Judy Starkey to Marc Bernhart, 2.25 acres, Ross Township.

Edna Riffle to Lynette Pearce and Joseph Mickey Sr., 2.757 acres, Knox Township.

John and Emal Westling to Charles and Linda Bennett, lots 118, 120, 122 and 124, J. Allen Rogers Second.

Lilllian Zundel (deceased) to Jamie Zundel, 0.675 acre, Steubenville Township.

Bank of America to Housing & Urban Development, metes, Salem Township.

Edward and Brenda Dahlem to Chad Miser and Vanessa Jackson, lot 44, Murphy's (survivorship).

Bank of New York Mellon to Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC, lot 139, Irondale Original.

Vincent Dalanno (deceased) to Barbara Dalanno, part lot 10, Simmons & Foster.

William and Leanne Moorman to Ricki Fulton, 5.1153 acres, Wayne Township.

Kyron Reynard to Reynard, lot 5, Zoe Day Subdivision.

Jodi Ettringham to Albert Ettringham, 2.749 acres, Island Creek Township.

Tora Enterprises to Anthony Longo, lot 4, John Fisher Addition.

Carl Nelson (deceased) to Ethel Nelson, lots 33-34, Irondale Original; lots 3,5, 7 and 10, Lacy's Third; and 1 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Kathryn Pflug to Pflug Warehouse Properties LLC, part lot 143, Original Steubenville.

Richard Pflug to Pflug Warehouse Properties LLC, part lot 143, Original Steubenville.

Richard Pflug and Heidi Pflug to RSP Properties LLC, part lots 143-146, Original Steubenville.

Betty Isaly and others to Paige Samovski, part lot 19 and lot 20, Eastview.

Sandra Knight (deceased) to Thomas Knight, 0.841 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Thomas Knight to James Knight, 0.841 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Ralph Ford Jr. to Kyria and Michael Howard, 0.098 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Betsy and Ralph Ford to Kyria and Michael Howard, 0.305 acre, Smithfield Township.

Harriett McElroy (deceased) to Albert McElroy, lot 10, Stuart Manor.

Virginia Spillan to Jo Grimm and Jean Alban, lot 145, Country Club Estates.

Marcel and Margery Lollini to William and Alfredda Lollini, lot 125, Highland City (survivorship).

Patricia Plymire to Patrick and Lisa Speegle, lot 17, Green's Second (survivorship).

Ron and Patty Retzer to Timothy and Daphne Corona, 0.1976 acre, Wells Township.

Karen Pusateri to Ashley Pusateri, lot 5, Meadowbrook Manor.

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