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Where do you stand?

July 14, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Sometime during the 1960s and 70s it was decided, somehow, that patriotism was a bad thing; that instilling in our society Christian, patriotic values and appreciation for the Constitution and its guaranteed freedoms we enjoy, was "indoctrination" and "demagoguery," and as such, was improper. Such solid, traditional ideals of national sovereignty and strength then stopped being definitively honored in our culture and impressed upon our school-age children. Although, the relaxation of societal standards and instilling the values of "diversity," of other cultures and religions, and those of socialism and globalism, however, are somehow not considered indoctrination. Our shallow, morally adrift, directionless society today suffers the visible consequences of these terribly misguided notions.

I'm not simply a conservative. I'm an Americanist.

What is Americanism? Is it God and Christianity? After all, our country was founded on Christian ideals. Is it patriotism? Is it "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?"

Is it working hard for what you want? Is it honoring the flag?

Well, the answer to all of that is yes. And no, to me, Americanism represents the ideal that everyone, everywhere, deserves to be as free as possible, in the sight of God.

To that end, Americanism is the notion that government, while a limited necessity, needs to be, indeed should be, as small and unobtrusive as possible.

It's the notion that individuals should have the freedom to amass as much wealth as they like, by working as hard as they want.

This isn't about partisan politics; we're not just Democrats or Republicans, each in their own respects broken, self-important, corrupt parties. No, we're Americans, concerned with the direction our country has taken; the downward spiral; the big, hot mess it is today.

We, the people are at fault, truly, for where America is today; the shambles our great nation has become.

Sometime between 1918 and 1950, perhaps, Americans went to sleep. We stopped paying attention; stopped caring what was going on with our government, perhaps allowing ourselves to trust that such a well-ordered, efficient, benevolent government, which had guided us through the terrible, tragic bloodletting of two world wars and a decade-long depression, could run itself, forever remaining so well-ordered, efficient and benevolent, dedicated solely to our interests, instead of its own.

We surrendered the sacred trust our Founders made with us: to watch, caring sufficiently, to want to safeguard our personal liberties against the growth and intrusion of government.

So, not unlike the Disciples, waiting in the Garden as Jesus prayed, we went to sleep; for decades, letting our government virtually run itself, with almost no concern or oversight by we, the governed. Our government, thus unsupervised, became unconcerned with what we wanted, empowering itself.

Today, like the Disciples in the Garden, we awaken, finding ourselves surrounded by Authority, in the form of bloated, redundant governance, expensive, increasingly intrusive laws, programs and regulations, insane overspending/mismanagement, ever increasing taxes and, as we are swiftly coming to understand, Big Brother is, frighteningly, watching.

Patriotic Americanism versus socialist centralization; where do you stand?

Rob Denham


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