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What would Jesus do?

July 14, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I think of all of the questions that I have heard in my lifetime, and the one that comes to mind so often is, "What would Jesus do?"

With our faith being attacked so adamantly, it is something to think about.

Would he have placed the matters of the government above his faith? Would he have thought of taking what was not his, killing an innocent child or baring false witness?

Would he dishonor his earthly parents or destroy the body of an unborn baby?

Did he divide the people of a nation? Did his law remove the old or the weak from among us?

What would Jesus do? Would he insult, shun or be rude to anyone who cried out for help?

Did he forget the widows and orphans as they mourned? What would he have done? Did he take, or did he give?

Did he carry the heart of a mother who has lost her child and given her the strength to conquer the grief?

Did he surround the faithful when they stood against a multitude of enemies?

What of his followers? Did they talk with him in truth while others stayed back to pray? Would they understand that sincere prayer can move mountains, tame the feral heart and calm a planet in crisis?

What would this son of God do? Had he ever seen so much anger, bitterness and confusion? Yes.

Had he walked amidst the hungry, the homeless and the weary? Yes.

Would he have seen the wars, chaos and greed, and would he have wept?

The cross, the crown of thorns and the lance that pierced his side have been forgotten by so many.

There are people who beg for the freedom of choice but so readily dismiss the right to life.

We listen as young rulers want nuclear war and other nations gas their own people. We watch as bills are drafted to stop abortion at 20 weeks only to be destined for veto.

Yes, I do believe that there would have been tears falling from the eyes of our savior as he looked down to see what a mess we are in.

How many will say he was never here? How wrong a nation can be when his beauty is around us every minute of every day.

What did Jesus do? He laid down his life for all of us, and how do we thank him for this greatest love?

In every corner of the world a small human being is about to be aborted in this moment. A tiny unborn child is pulled apart, piece by piece, and this little soul is sent back to the creator.

We wait until that 11th hour and finally recognize the many grave mistakes that have been made in the history of our world. Who will we call upon for help? Who do you think will answer if we choose to be blinded by those freedoms that end, "Return to sender, unwanted?"

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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