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About Town

August 20, 2013
By CHUCK CRONIN , Weirton Daily Times

Some good words to enrich your vocabulary:

Proletariat - the working class of our society.

Bourgeois - social class with assets, capital.

Tautology - unnecessary repetition.

Eschew - avoid, shun, abstain from.

Punctiliousness - very exact with details.

Gentrification -urban renewal bringing change.

Philatelist - a collector-student of postage stamps.

When I talked with former Weirton resident Don Suray recently, the veteran golfer said he was having his left knee replaced soon. Don and his wife, Billie, relocated from Weirton to The Villages in Florida a few years back.

Years ago, as a dumb high school sophomore, I fell for the English teacher, Miss Bush. I eyed her every day as the tall, dark-haired beauty gracefully strolled down the hall with composure and aplomb, her high heels clicking on the floor.

So one night, on a school bus headed for a basketball game against a detested rival, I sat across the aisle from the coach. Luckily, it was dark, because when I told him his girlfriend Miss Bush sure had "pose," the coach broke into laughter because of my woefully incorrect pronunciation.

I sunk way down in my seat when he replied, "You mean poise, don't you? Ha ha ha!"

Highly embarrassed, I pledged to myself I would never again employ a word in conversation if I could not pronounce it correctly and have at least an inkling of its meaning.

After high school, I saw neither the coach nor his girlfriend again. But I never forgot that bus ride when I learned the value of a working vocabulary.

And wouldn't you know, our team lost the game - displaying no poise at all!

Our trip to hilly Turkana Golf Course at Calcutta, Ohio was so-so. It is not one of my favorite courses. Despite practicing hard, I even lost by two strokes to my nemesis, southpaw Rick Smith, who was not on his game either.

There is not much flat land at this golf course, which makes it very difficult. On the plus side, the greens were good, the clubhouse people were nice and the price was OK.

Add Weirton Steel retiree Alex Nagy to the readership list of About Town.

"I like the list of words," said Alex, who, at age 58 and despite an injury, is an excellent golfer.

A regular at Woodview, the Weirton resident sports a seven handicap and has a 73 to his credit.

Congratulations to Ken Cunningham, who starred in basketball and football at East Liverpool High School. Now a resident of Stow, Ohio, Ken was scheduled to enter the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Hall of Fame in Wheeling Aug. 17. I covered some of his heroics as a sports writer for the East Liverpool Review in the 1950s.

Overheard: "Where can a man over 75 find a young, good looking lady? Easy: try the bookstore under fiction."

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