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September 26, 2013
By CHUCK CRONIN - For The Weirton Daily Times , Weirton Daily Times

Words to power up your vocabulary:

Impecunious - poor, impoverished, miserly.

Mesmerize - enthrall, captivate.

Frugality - prudent, thrifty.

Augean stables - Hercules cleaned them up.

Morose - gloomy, sullen.

Mortify - to feel shame, injured pride.

Ribald - coarse or vulgar joking.

Cabal - small, secret group.


While details are few, I was shocked to learn of the death of my good friend, Robert L. Loughhead, former president of Weirton Steel Corp., the first president to head the ESOP company.

In his 80s, Bob passed Sept. 17 of a massive stroke.

A resident of Riva, Md., he was educated, sophisticated and cultivated. One of his passions was sailboating. And he also loved to read scientific books and periodicals.

Not long ago, he sent me a complicated article about the repercussions if the world ditched the leap second. Bob was an excellent speaker, well-read, loved baseball and football and, when giving speeches, was very meticulous regarding his vocabulary.

I valued his friendship. His son Charles, in a phone call, said he valued mine. His leadership at Weirton Steel, in my opinion, was excellent. We extend our sincere condolences to his family.


A very nice evening describes the Wine and Dine event of the Weirton Chamber of Commerce and the Business Development Corp. of the Northern Panhandle.

The upstairs of Williams Country Club was filled for the fourth such event. It was fun to graze among the tables of food and enjoy the wine while chatting with old friends. A glitzy, knock-out event, for sure!


Among the old friends I talked with was Rich Cunningham, a Steubenville resident who works in Weirton. Rich is one of the faithful, long-time contributors to Weirton United Way.

Years ago, his father operated Isaly's on Main Street in Weirton.


During the soiree at Williams, a young lady asked me about one of the words on our recent vocabulary list. Before I could reply, she had disappeared into the crowd. If she calls me at (304) 748-8716, we'll try to finish the conversation.


In my most recent golf outing with video guru Rick Smith, we toured Williams Country Club and, in doing so, visited parts of the course I hadn't seen heretofore. I blamed my errant shots on a new driver being put through the test. The course won, Smith won, and it was not a good day - except for a beverage or two in the clubhouse. And now I owe my nemesis a bottle or two of Claus du Bois cabernet. Maybe I'll get to it by the end of the year!


Overheard: "Tell me if I said something to offend you. I might be able to use it again!"


So the golf pro was advising you to keep your head down? It could be he doesn't want you to see him laughing.

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