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It's not just for the "haves"

October 27, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Elitist taxpayers have to get used to one thing. You send a dollar to Washington. There's a pie chart in the tax booklet showing the various services the government provides. But no one, including Bill O'Reilly and friends, have the right to insinuate to their audience his/her dollar is going to the lazy, vodka-drinking couch potato.

It doesn't work that way Mr. O'Reilly and friends. Your dollar is divided up according to the chart just as every other person's is that pays a fair share of taxes.

Being the elite can afford the strongest unions in the world lawyers and accountants negotiating their every monetary move, I doubt they're paying their fair share.

Why do all conservatives have the low wages, low taxes mentality as a cure. All that only supports billionaire success.

Please don't ask the fifth-grade question Sean Hannity asks his low information audience. Did you ever have a poor guy offer you a job?

The moral answer. Hell no! The rich, with their low wage mentality would never pay one enough to start their own company.

If one wants a wake-up call to states with right to work laws, check the pictures in the early part of the 20th century when 13 and 14 year olds were coming out of the coal mines when no unions and child labor was in vogue. The good old boys will do it again if they can get away with it.

Stealing a segment from Bill O'Reilly's gig on Fox News - Words - for his low information voters.

1. Subsidies: lobbyists get subsidies for business, sugar, petroleum, wheat and more

2. Entitlements: give someone a legal right or a just claim to receive or do something. It appears No. 1 is getting the freebees. No. 2 is legal, making it a top priority for both parties to get behind Obamacare and encourage the private sector to make it work.

Health care is a human right throughout the world, not a privilege for the haves.

Steve Kopa


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