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Where are we heading?

January 26, 2014
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Definition of the word affordable: "Considered to be within one's financial means"

I would like for someone to tell me how in the world those getting welfare checks are going to "afford' to pay for Obamacare? In fact, Obamacare is causing many people that lost their insurance to find they can't afford the premiums for new insurance.

How could these pinheads in Congress pass this piece of garbage without any idea of what was in the bill? Remember Pelosi's remark? We needed to pass something and we will sort things out as we go along. The real sad part of Obamacare is there are many exemptions for certain people. Why?

Another topic. The poor. There are probably many reasons why we have poor people. One reason that I feel is the cause is people take no responsibility for their actions. If you are poor, why in the world do you keep having babies that you know you can't afford to raise? These people think the government (we the taxpayers) have a money farm that pays for their woes, when in reality they are stealing my money, my kids' money, my grandchildren's money and from all taxpayers.

I know there are some truly poor people through no fault of their selves and really need help and through family, church they get assistance.

My last question. When did we start naming wars after presidents? This mess we are in has been called the Bush war. Was the Korean war called the Truman war? Was Vietnam called the Kennedy war?

Who would the liberals blame for the woes of this country if there were no Republicans?

Where are we headed for? We allow abortions, we legalized marijuana use, more babies born out of wedlock, gay marriages, couples living together without a marriage license, Christmas carols not allowed to be sung in public schools, and God is being forced out of many places. Looking more and more like the Roman Empire. How sad.

In closing, remember elections are coming before you know it. If you like the way things are, re-elect the knuckleheads again. If you want change, vote them out and elect new members, Democrat or Republican, but get new faces!!

That is our only salvation.

God bless and help us.

Ray Kaczynski


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