Brooke girls swim to victory; EL boys place first

WELLSBURG — The Brooke girls swimming team and the East Liverpool boys brought home first place finishes, while Indian Creek placed in both meets Wednesday evening at the Brooke Natatorium inside the Brooke Wellness Center.

On the girls’ side, the Bruins scored 74 points, the Redskins 54 and the Potters 51.

“The girls did really well,” Brooke head coach Kelsie Smith said. “I have not seen the final scores, but they swam really well.”

On the boys’ side, East Liverpool tallied 70 points, Indian Creek 59 and Brooke 50.

“The boys swam really well,” East Liverpool head coach Julie Voorhees said. “They are picking up where they left off last season. Their times are where they finished last season. Picking up where they left off is a good thing. We are going to move on and hopefully do well this season.”

The Brooke girls finished first in six events, East Liverpool placed first in three events and Indian Creek collected two first-place finishes.

“The girls did well,” Indian Creek head coach Sarah Houser said. “They have improved. This is our second meet. We had a meet last night.”

The Bruins won four individual events and two relay races. For Brooke, Emily Donley won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:24.84, and she was a member of the Bruins’ winning 200 medley relay (2:21.01) and the winning 200 freestyle relay (2:08.48) teams. Donley was joined on the 200 medley team by Cammie Hill, Mary Ossman and Bethany Harlan. Donley, Ossman and Hill were joined by Hailey Beadle on the 200 freestyle team.

Also, Hill won the 200 IM (3:13.88), Ossman won the 100 butterfly (1:15.5) and Harlan won the 500 freestyle (6:51.04).

The Potters placed first in three individual events. Breanna Kelly led the way by winning the 100 freestyle (1:05.39) and the 100 backstroke (1:21.54), while Darshay Foster finished first in the 100 breaststroke (1:21.87).

“The girls did well,” Voorhees said. “We have a lot of new people. We have our first meet under our belt.”

The Redskins recorded wins in one individual event and one relay race. Krysten Mazzaferro finished first in the 50 freestyle (29.15), and she was joined on the school’s winning 400 freestyle relay team by Cat Mazzaferro, Kylie Turner and Madison Houser.

The East Liverpool boys won five events, Brooke won four events and Indian Creek collected two wins.

“The boys did awesome,” Smith said. “We were without two of our top swimmers. We had swimmers out with injuries, but we had some younger kids step up.”

The Potters placed first in two individual events and all three relay races. Isaac Long won the 100 butterfly (1:23.42), and Colin Smith won the 100 backstroke (1:08.6).

Long and Smith were also members of two winning relay teams. They were joined by Brannan Smith and Cam McNicol on the winning 400 freestyle relay (4:24.66) team. Long was joined by Brannan Smith, Marcus Calhoun II and McNicol on the winning 200 freestyle relay (1:55.93). Colin Smith was joined by Brannan Smith, Calhoun II, McNicol on the winning 200 medley relay (2:05.66) team.

The Bruins placed first in four individual events. Ethan Robey led the way by winning the 200 IM (2:24.04) and the 500 freestyle (5:29.78), while John Francis finished first in the 200 freestyle (2:33.2) and Anthony Taylor won the 100 breaststroke (1:16.41).

The Redskins won two individual events. Conor Campbell won the 50 freestyle (27.32), and Dakota Rose won the 100 freestyle (1:05.89).

“The boys did well,” coach Houser said. “We have more girls than boys. We have 18 girls and 10 boys. We are limited with what we can swim. The majority of them are new. They do great in practice, and they do great in the meets.”

Some of the events were combined due to the number of competitors in the event.

“The competition was very good,” coach Houser said. “Brooke has got a good team. East Liverpool has a good team as well.”

Five of the events only had one individual swimmer or one relay team in it.

“Indian Creek and East Liverpool are equal to us in numbers,” coach Smith said. “We are all about the same size-wise. We have a smaller team.”

The Potters fared well at the tri despite having a small team.

“The competition was pretty good,” Voorhees said. “We only have eight girls and eight boys. Having such few numbers can make it hard to compete. Indian Creek and Brooke both have good kids. It was good competition, and the meets were close.”

Indian Creek and East Liverpool will be swimming against Edison and Beaver Local in a quad meet Friday night at the Calcutta YMCA. Brooke is scheduled to take part in the Jingle Bell Invitational Saturday at Wheeling Jesuit.

GIRLS RESULTS: 1. Brooke 70, 2. Indian Creek 54, 3. East Liverpool 51

BOYS RESULTS: 1. East Liverpool 70, 2. Brooke 59, 3. Indian Creek 50.


GIRLS 200 MEDLEY RELAY: Brooke (Cammie Hill, Mary Ossman, Emily Donley, Bethany Harlan) 2:21.01, East Liverpool 2:26.46, Indian Creek 2:31.58.

BOYS 200 MEDLEY RELAY: East Liverpool (Colin Smith, Marcus Calhoun II, Brannan Smith, Cam McNicol) 2:05.66, Brooke 2:13.65, Indian Creek 2:14.16.

GIRLS 200 FREESTYLE: Emily Donley (B) 2:24.84, Kyrsten Mazaferro (IC) 2:38.68, Hailey Beadle (B) 2:54.90.

BOYS 200 FREESTYLE: John Francis (B) 2:33.20, Colin Smith (EL) 2:34.46, Brandyn Rouse (B) 2:48.35.

GIRLS 200 IM: Cammie Hill (B) 3:13.88.

BOYS 200 IM: Ethan Robey (B) 2:24.04, Brannan Smith (EL) 2:47.76, Nathan Dawson (EL) 3:38.46.

GIRLS 50 FREESTYLE: Kyrsten Mazzaferrro (IC) 29.15, Morgan Morris (EL) 31.23, Madison Houser (IC) 33.02.

BOYS 50 FREESTYLE: Conor Campbell (IC) 27.32, Anthony Taylor (B) 27.43, Cam McNicol (EL) 28.36.

GIRLS 100 BUTTERFLY: Mary Ossman (B) 1:15.50, Hannah Mitchell (IC) 1:41.97.

BOYS 100 BUTTERFLY: Isaac Long (EL) 1:23.42.

GIRLS 100 FREESTYLE: Breanna Kelly (EL) 1:05.39, Darshay Foster (EL) 1:08.91, Kylie Turner (IC) 1:16.35.

BOYS 100 FREESTYLE: Dakota Rose (IC) 1:05.89, Keith Robinson (B) 1:07.53, Mitchell Malesick (IC) 1:10.07.

GIRLS 500 FREESTYLE: Bethany Harlan (B) 6:51.04.

BOYS 500 FREESTYLE: Ethan Robey (B) 5:29.78.

GIRLS 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: Brooke (Hailey Beadle, Cammie Hill, Mary Ossman, Emily Donley) 2:08.48, East Liverpool 2:09.61, Indian Creek 2:21.26.

BOYS 200 FREESTYLE RELAY: East Liverpool (Isaac Long, Brannan Smith, Cam McNicol, Marcus Calhoun II) 1:55.93, Indian Creek 1:59.45, Indian Creek 2:31.80.

GIRLS 100 BACKSTROKE: Breanna Kelly (EL) 1:21.54, Bethany Harlan (B) 1:29.04, Paige DiGiovanni (B) 1:31.14.

BOYS 100 BACKSTROKE: Colin Smith (EL) 1:08.60, Conor Campbell (IC) 1:13.77, Keith Robinson (B) 1:28.88.

GIRLS 100 BREASTSTROKE: Darshay Foster (EL) 1:21.87, Mary Ossman (B) 1:26.93, Morgan Morris (EL) 1:28.35.

BOYS 100 BREASTSTROKE: Anthony Taylor (B) 1:16.41, Marcus Calhoun II (EL) 1:17.15, John Francis (B) 1:20.30.

GIRLS 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: Indian Creek (Cat Mazzaferro, Kylie Turner, Madison Houser, Kyrsten Mazzaferro) 4:57.62.

BOYS 400 FREESTYLE RELAY: East Liverpool (Isaac Long, Brannan Smith, Cam McNicol, Colin Smith) 4:24.66, Brooke 4:30.27, Indian Creek 4:45.54.