Bleachers from original Jimmy Carey Stadium to be used at Edison

RICHMOND – The Edison High School Athletic Department purchased the home side of the original Jimmy Carey Stadium and will be using it to replace the current visitor’s side at Edison.

“This will save the district in the long run, as the cost of replacing bad boards every summer is between $2,000 and $4,000,” said Edison Athletic Director JoAnn Stagani. “We will use everything possible at Jimmy Carey Stadium that we can (bleachers, flooring, fencing, stairs) and scrap the rest to pay toward the initial purchase price. Some of the excess bleacher material will be used in other athletic facilities throughout the district.

“We had many meetings prior to purchase making sure things would fit. Mark Bordash and Cryogenics started taking seating off, then showed the parents how to do it and parents have been working to continue job.”

Approximately 40 Wildcats football players were bused to the stadium last week after school. The players loaded everything that had been removed from the structure onto flatbed trucks provided by Dave Boring of Keuster Implements Co.

That was conducted in place of the agilities and conditioning workout for the evening. They loaded three flatbeds and a box truck and all materials were taken back to Edison and unloaded.

“There are currently two sections of seating left to be removed and transported to Edison and then we will begin the process of dismantling our visitors side of the bleachers and replacing all the wood with aluminum seats and flooring,” said Stagani.

“It gives the boys a great sense of pride to be part of the renovation. It makes them appreciate it more. They value it – it’s their stadium. They worked non-stop all evening. We have great leadership in the upperclassmen and those early in or new to the program are eager to be a part.”

Contact Stagani at the school at (740) 765-4313 for a work schedule or to help.