Grand night for Crusaders

WINTERSVILLE – The Catholic Central wrestling team made a major statement.

Catholic Central and Southern Local took part in a tri-match Wednesday night at Indian Creek, and at the end of the night the Crusaders did something they had never done before. The Crusaders opened and closed the night with victories, while the Redskins toppled the Indians in the second match of the night.

Catholic Central knocked off Southern, 70-15, in the opening match, and the Crusaders beat the Redskins, 60-15, in the final match. It was the first time the Crusaders defeated the Redskins.

“It was a great night,” Catholic Central head coach Aaron Henry said. “We have never beaten Indian Creek before. That was a very-good win.

“Our standouts were Leo Herrmann, Blake Kiedrowski, Michael Crosby and Isaac Sanford. Sanford is ranked No. 2 in the OVAC. He won the Union Local Tournament on Saturday.

“We are looking OK. We are looking to improve every match. All we want to do in every match and every tournament is to improve.”

The Crusaders have gotten off to a strong start so far this season.

“Catholic Central is doing well,” Indian Creek head coach Brandon Pendleton said. “Coach Henry does a good job with them. They have made some big strides.”

In between the two Catholic Central victories, Indian Creek defeated Southern, 60-18.

This is the first year Southern has had a varsity team.

“We were pretty competitive. We took on two solid programs,” Southern head coach Bill Watson said.

“Tonight was a gauge to see where we are at. Now, the kids have something to strive for. They have something to work for.”

Catholic Central won 11 matches against Southern. The Crusaders won seven matches by pinfall and four by forfeit. Four of the pinfall victories lasted less than one minute.

Herrmann (170) started the night off by pinning Alec Smallridge in 25 seconds. In the third match, Sanford (195) pinned Devon Little in 15 seconds. In match No. 12, Cedro Parise (145) pinned Chris Short in 44 seconds, and in the next match Mike Crosby (152) pinned Gabe Richards in 42 seconds.

Also, Lucas Borden (182) pinned J.T. Bickley in 1:15, Harold Rogers (220) pinned Howie Bott in 1:16 and Blake Kiedrowski (138) pinned Kyle Knight in 1:34.

After opening with four pins, the Crusaders won the next four matches by forfeit. Mark Dettorre (285) started things off for the victors. He was followed by Timmy Young (106), Isaac Kiedrowski (113) and Luke Coniker (120).

“I am really happy to see a new team,” Henry said about Southern. “They came down here, and they had quite a few kids wrestling. They have a pretty-good team.”

The inexperienced Indians won matches against the Crusaders and the Redskins.

“Both teams are solid,” Watson said. “Catholic Central is a little more aggressive – at least they were with our kids. Indian Creek has some good kids, and their good kids are really good. Central is a little more well rounded. They have won some tournaments and some matches.

“I thought coming in as a first-year program it was going to be tough. Both of their programs have good tradition. Their programs have been around for many years. I am 30, and I started wrestling when I was 5, and they had programs then. Their programs have great tradition.”

Southern won three matches against both Catholic Central and Indian Creek.

Two of the victories against the Crusaders came via forfeit, while the other came as a result of a decision.

Individually for the Indians, Zack Westover (126) and Alex August (132) won by forfeit. Also, Jesse McClurg (160) defeated Pat Hernon, 8-4.

Indian Creek won 10 matches against Southern. Seven of the 10 victories came via pins. The other three victories were forfeits.

Individually for the Redskins, Sam Robinson (195) pinned Little in 42 seconds, Billy Haislet (220) pinned Bott in 3:08 and Dustin McAfee (126) pinned Westover in 3:22. Also, Tyler Gaydosh (132) pinned August in 9 seconds, Nick Utt (138) pinned Knight in 1:03 and Tyler McAfee (145) pinned Short in 46 seconds. Finally, Seth Williams (170) pinned Smallridge in 23 seconds.

Winning by forfeit were Donnie Merritt (285), Daniel Hague (113) and Mario Allietta (120).

There was a double forfeit at 106.

The Indians won two matches via pinfall against the Redskins, while one came on a forfeit.

Southern’s Bickley (182) pinned Jacob Wounaris in 1:02, and McClurg pinned Nathan Thomas is 1:58.

Richards (152) won by forfeit.

“We had a sophomore transfer in from Steubenville,” Watson said. “Last year, we had two exhibition tournaments, and the kids got to practice for six weeks.

“For most of the kids, this was either their first or fourth match in their life. We had one kid come in from another school.

Southern is scheduled to return to the mat Saturday in a tournament at Malvern.

Catholic Central also won 11 matches against Indian Creek. The Crusaders won eight of the 11 matches by pinfall, two by forfeit and one by decision.

Individually for the Blue-and-Gold, Sanford pinned Robinson in 1:09, Rogers pinned Haislet in 12 seconds and Dettorre pinned Merritt in 3 minutes. Next, Coniker pinned Allietta in 3:25, Blake Kiedrowski pinned Miles Mazik in 53 seconds and Hernon pinned Thomas in 158. Finally, Herrmann pinned Williams in 1:39, and Borden pinned Wounaris in 1:18.

Also for Catholic Central, Young and Crosby won by forfeit.

Finally for the boys from Steubenville, Parise defeated Tyler McAfee by decision, 4-0.

The Redskins won three matches against the Crusaders. Two of the victories came via forfeit, while one came by decision.

Individually, Dustin McAfee and Gaydosh won by forfeit, while Hague defeated Isaac Kiedrowski by decision, 3-0.

“Indian Creek has a solid team,” Henry said. “Coach Pendleton always has a good team. His teams are always fundamentally sound. They are good wrestlers.”

“We hope this victory carries over into the rest of the season

“We still have some tournaments left. We have some duals in January that will tell the tale.

“We have some guys who are a little banged up. We are going to use the time off to regroup. We are going to work on fundamentals. We want to make sure we are fundamentally sound. We are conditioning up. We are hungry, and we want to stay hungry.”

Catholic Central 70, Southern Local 15

170- Leo Herrmann (SCC) pin Alec Smallridge :25

182- Lucas Borden (SCC) pin JT Bickley 1:15

195- Isaac Sanford (SCC) pin Devon Little 0:15

220-Harold Rogers (SCC) pin Howie Bott 1:16

285-Mark Detorre (SCC) winner by forfeit

106- Tim Young (SCC) winner by forfeit

113- Isaac Kiedrowski (SCC) winner by forfeit

120- Luke Coniker(SCC) winner by forfeit

126- Zack Westover (SL) winner by forfeit

132- Alexander August (SL) winner by forfeit

138- Blake Kiedrowski (SCC) pin Kyle Knight 1:34

145- Cedro Parise (SCC) pin Chris Short :44

152-Mike Crosby (SCC) pin Gabe Richards :42

160-Jesse McClurg (SL) dec Pat Hernon 8-4

Indian Creek 60, Southern Local 18

182- JT Bickley (SL) pin Jacob Wounaris 1:01

195- Sam Robinson (IC) pin Devon Little :42

220- Billy Haislet (IC) pin Howie Bott 3:08

285- Donnie Merritt (IC) winner by forfeit

106- Double Forfeit

113- Daniel Hague (IC) winner by forfeit

120- Mario Allietta (IC) winner by forfeit

126- Dustin McAfee (IC) pin Zack Westover 3:22

132- Tyler Gaydosh (IC) pin Alexander August :09

138- Nick Utt (IC) pin Kyle Knight 1:03

145-Tyler McAfee(IC) pin Chris Short :46

152- Gabe Richards (SL) winner by forfeit

160- Jesse McClurg (SL) pin Nathan Thomas 1:58

170- Seth Williams (IC) pin Alec Smallridge :23

Catholic Central 60, Indian Creek 15

195- Isaac Sanford (SCC) pin Sam Robinson 1:09

220- Harold Rogers (SCC) pin Billy Haislet :12

285- Mark Dettorre (SCC) pin Donnie Merritt 3:00

106- Tim Young (SCC) winner by forfeit

113- Daniel Hague (IC) dec Isaac Kiedrowski 3-0

120- Luke Coniker (SCC) pin Mario Allietta 3:25

126- Dustin McAfee (IC) winner by forfeit

132- Tyler Gaydosh (IC) winner by forfeit

138- Blake Kiedrowski (SCC) pin Miles Mazik :53

145- Cedro Parise (SCC) dec Tyler McAfee 4-0

152- Michael Crosby (SCC) winner by forfeit

160- Pat Hernon (SCC) pin Nathan Thomas 1:41

170- Leo Herrmann (SCC) pin Seth Williams 1:39

182- Lucas Borden (SCC) pin Jacob Wounaris 1:18

Park wrestling downs Brooke

Wheeling Park 66, Brooke 21

106 Double Forfeit

113 James Parsons (WP) fall Michael Reirdon (Brk)

120 Michael Max (Brk) dec Charles Mirandy (WP) 7-1

126 Dallas Baciak (WP) fall Maury Gamble (Brk)

132 Joey Eaton (Brk) fall Brandon Foose (WP)

138 Stanley Czaharoski (WP) fall Matthew Lazier (Brk)

145 Austin Digiandomenico (WP) fall Josh Chandler (Brk)

152 Dylan Taylor (WP) winner by forfeit

160 Jonny Davis (WP) winner by forfeit

170 Nick Tustin (WP) fall Christopher Sinker (Brk)

182 Jake Wensyel (WP) fall Matthew Doll (Brk)

195 Tommy Ricker (WP) fall Marty Johnson (Brk)

220 Geremy Paige (WP) fall Tyler Aincough (Brk)

285 Preston Wise (Brk) fall Davian Cooper (WP)

Toronto earns two wrestling victories

Toronto 65, Clay Battelle 12

106 Harris (T) forfeit

113 Anderson (T) forfeit

120 Starkey (T) pinned Grow

126 Mitchell (T) forfeit

132 Savage (T) def over Gum

138 King (T) pinned Hall

145 Kirby (Clay) pinned Gray

152 Ross (T) pinned Foraver

160 Tice (T) pinned Hammer

170 Lowery (T) forfeit

182 Losee (T) forfeit

195 Householder (T) forfeit

220 double forfeit

285 Six (Clay) pinned Haynes

Toronto 72 Weir 12

106 Harris (T) forfeit

113 Anderson (T) forfeit

120 Starkey (T) forfeit

126 Mitchell (T) forfeit

132 Savage (T) forfeit

138 King (T) forfeit

145 Gray (T) forfeit

152 Ross (T) pinned Fields

160 Tice (T) pinned Parr

170 Lowery (T) pinned M. Parr

182 Losee (T) pinned McCoy

195 Householder (T) forfeit

220 Heath ( Weir ) forfeit

285 Davidson (Weir) pinned Haynes

Edison continues undefeated start

Edison 47, Buckeye 24

106 Josh Kleiner (E) dec Jacob Miller (B) 11-3

113 Brandon Logan (E) by forfeit

120 Devon Marques (B) dec Mark Johns (E) 19-17

126 Kyle Moson (B) by default Robert Daly (E)

132 Lane Weaver (E) fall by 3:01 David Callarik (B)

138 Will Scholl (E) dec Jordan Hillard (B) 9-0

145 Nick Fisher (E) fall :35 David Anderson (B)

152 Jason Binkiewicz (B) fall 3:29 Michael Wells (E)

160 Josh Sokolowz (B) fall :55 Laine Cacle (E)

170 Ryan Morrow (B)dec Hunter Huggins (E) 10-1

182 Mitchell Wells (E) dec Tristan Jones (B) 10-7

195 Blaine Cline (E) fall 2:38 Matt Mill (B)

220 Devin Leggitt (E) by forfeit

HWT Mason Kull (B) by forfeit

Edison 39, Union Local 37

106 Josh Kleiner (E) fall 1:54 Chase Whiteley

113 Brandon Logan (E) by forfeit

120 John Howell (U) by forfeit

126 Mark Johns (E) dec Tanner Strain 9-8

132 Lane Weaver (E) fall :50 Brian McWhorter

138 Bobby Stewart (U) fall 1:20 Will Scholl

145 Zach Sowers (U) dec Nick Fisher 9-2

152 Noah Greenwood (U) maj dec Michael Wells 17-6

160 Devin Crum (U) fall 5:38 Laine Cacle

170 Mike Paynter (U) fall :17 Hunter Huggins

182 Mitchell Wells (E) by forfeit

195 Blaine Claire (E) fall 1:37 Josh Taylor

220 Devin Leggett (E) fall 3:34 David Reid

HWT Cody King (UL) by forfeit