Berryman reaches milestone

WINTERSVILLE – The 1,000-point milestone is something every high school player in the country hopes they can reach before their playing days are over. A select few are able to reach that total before they reach their senior year.

For Indian Creek’s Bre Berryman, the first Redskin to reach 1,000 points, it took just five games into her junior campaign to reach the accomplishment.

“It’s incredible because my coach told me it had never been done here at Indian Creek so it means the world to me that I did it,” said Berryman. “It means a lot to me. I had no idea I was even close to getting 1,000 points. The team helped so much to allow me to get there.”

It’s the last sentence of that quote, and not the 1,000 points themselves, which defines Berryman as a player. As dominant Berryman is with her regular triple-double stat lines of points, rebounds, and blocks it’s her dedication to the team that really makes her stand out as a player and person.

“Everybody would love her as a teammate,” said Indian Creek head coach Erin DeSantis. “She is the essence of team. She will do whatever she has to do for her teammates. She’s so unselfish. She could probably already have 2,000 points if she wanted to, but that’s not what she’s all about. She’s about getting everyone involved. In the locker room after she got there the first thing she said was she wanted to thank her teammates because they were who got her to 1,000 points.”

The first thing noticed about Berryman is typically her height of 6-foot-5, but much like her stat line, this doesn’t come close to defining who this talented young woman is as a person.

“She’s so humble,” said DeSantis. “Not only is she big in stature, but she has a big heart. It’s hard to describe her. Everyone loves her. I don’t think anyone has anything bad to say about her as an overall person let alone as a teammate. She has great parents who are there for her and support her in everything she does.

“She has a little niece over there now that she plays for. She’s grown to accept she is something special, but she’s never the type to lord it over anyone.”

DeSantis has seen Berryman’s growth as a player over the years, and praises her for how she handled struggles during her freshman season with the Redskins.

“You could see that talent in junior high,” said DeSantis. “Her freshman year we struggled. We only won five games. Even with having her and Kiarra (Kamarec) with the height we really struggled. It would have been easy to get down and frustrated, but I told her this is a process. We have to get from point A to point B.

“We have to walk before we have to run, and you can see from her freshman to her sophomore year how everyone has risen up to her level to make the team better when before everyone was kind of hanging around individually. We got a group to surround her and that has really helped her as a player.”

Which brings Berryman back to what she sees as the biggest reason she is Indian Creek’s first 1,000-point scorer – the team.

“This is definitely shared with the team,” said Berryman. “If they didn’t get me the ball in position to score I would have never reached 1,000 points. My coaches have helped a lot in making me a better player. Brooke (Mains) coming here helped a lot. We talked before she got here and having her at point guard big for me.

“The whole team has helped me. This year the freshmen have stepped up and I give them credit for helping me get here as well.”