Edison, Central remain unbeaten

RICHMOND – With a 6-4 win over Johnstown-Monroe, Edison improved their record to 5-0 behind an impressive complete game, nine strikeout performance from junior Clay Woodward.

At the plate, Storm Allese singled, while Woodward and Tanner Evans each collected two hits. Nolan Marcus and Jake Pasek doubled for the Wildcats.

Edison 6, Johnstown-Monroe 3

Johnstown 011 100 0 3 5 1

Edison 050 010 x 6 7 1

JOHNSTOWN: Larne (0K, 0BB), Barnstool (2, LP 0K, 1BB) and Bullard.

EDISON: Woodward (WP 9K, 4BB) and Skeeles. Pasek D; Allese S; Woodward 2S; Evans 2S; Marcus D.

Steubenville sweeps Streetsboro

STEUBENVILLE – The Big Red baseball team earned a pair of wins on Saturday, defeating Streetsboro 5-2 and 14-4.

Streetsboro’s coach is former Big Red player and 1995 SHS graduate Chris Scisicani.

In Game 1, Anthony Zorne pitched a complete game with eight strikeouts, allowing just four hits. At the plate, he ripped three doubles and drove in three runs.

Dimitri Collaros singled, doubled and had an RBI, while Justin Corsi singled and drove in a run.

Devin Ferguson earned the win in Game 2 with three strikeouts and one walk after taking over for Paul Runkel in the second inning. Runkel struck out one and walked one.

Bryan Pierro led the offensive charge in the second game with two singles and four RBIs. Corsi collected two singles with a double, while Zorne doubled and drove in a run. Kasey Peterson singled home a run and Niko Petrides had a single, double and RBI.

Ferguson and Travis Wolfe each had a single and RBI.

Big Red (6-2) will play Steubenville Catholic Central on Monday at Vaccaro Field.

Game 1

Steubenville 5, Streetsboro 2

Streetsboro 100 010 0 – 2 4 1

Steubenville 300 002 x – 5 7 1

STEETSBORO: Condik (LP 1K, 4BB), Szemacs (4, 1K, 2BB) and Bailey. Bailey S, 2RBI.

STUEBENVILLE: Zorne (WP 8K, 4BB) and McClurg. Collaros S, D RBI; Zorne 3D, 3RBI; Corsi S, RBI.

Game 2

Steubenville 14, Streetsboro 4

Streetsboro 220 00 – 4 7 4

Steubenville 115 16 – 14 12 2

STREETSBORO: Dickson (LP 2K, 1BB), Bailey (4, 1K, 2BB) and Dynowski. Bailey 3S, RBI; Simpkins S, D.

STEUBENVILLE: Runkel (1K, 1BB), Ferguson (WP 2, 3K, 1BB) and McClurg. Pierro 2S, 4RBI; Zorne D, RBI; Peterson S, RBI; Corsi 2S, D; Petrides S, D, RBI; Wolfe S, RBI; Ferguson S, RBI.

Toronto falls short

TORONTO – Toronto suffered two losses on Saturday. Lisbon topped the Red Knights, 4-3 and Johnstown-Monroe beat Toronto, 6-4.

Danny Zdinak took the loss in Game 1, going the distance with six strikeouts and four walks. Blaze Glenn took over in the fourth inning and struck out six, while walking two.

Glenn also collected the Red Knights’ lone hit.

In Game 2, Logan Allen took the loss striking out three and walking six. At the plate, Blaze Glenn had a single, double and two RBIs and his older brother, Chez, collected two singles.

Nate Stewart doubled, Billy Solomon brought home a run, Tyler Antinone singled and Ryan Cline hit two singles with an RBI.

The Red Knights (5-5) play Monday at East Liverpool.

Lisbon 4, Toronto 3

Lisbon 000 400 0 4 6 4

Toronto 003 000 0 3 1 1

LISBON: Walker (WP 3K, 3BB) and Groubert. Groubert 2S.

TORONTO: Zdinak (LP 6K, 4BB), B. Glenn (4, 6K, 2BB) and Solomon. B. Glenn S.

Johnstown-Monroe 6, Toronto 4

Johnstown 040 020 0 6 5 1

Toronto 102 100 0 4 8 4

JOHNSTOWN-MONROE: Shaler (WP 1K, 2BB), Clift (3 2K, 0BB) and Bullard. Barasch, Shaler, Bollard.

TORONTO: Allen (LP 3K, 6BB) and Solomon. C. Glenn 2S; B. Glenn S, D, 2RBI; Stewart D; Solomon RBI; Antinone S; Cline 2S, RBI.

Cambridge stops Creek

MINGO JUNCTION – Cambridge scored in the first four innings and cruised to an 11-3 victory over Indian Creek Saturday at the John Muth Recreational Complex.

Cole Yeater, Jimmy Bolyog and Mason Gibbons all doubled for an RBI for the Redskins. Tanner Wise took the loss.

Indian Creek (1-6) visits Harrison Central on Monday.

Cambridge 11, Indian Creek 3

Cambridge 123 400 1 – 11 7 2

Indian Creek 101 100 0 – 3 5 3

CAMBRIDGE: Orr (WP, 4K, 2W) and Charlton; Cl;ine S, RBI; McPeek S, D, RBI; Taylor D, 2RBI; Hayhurst S, RBI; Latham T, RBI.

INDIAN CREEK: Wise (LP, 1K, 2W), Bolyog (3, 1K, 1W), Porter (4, 0K, 2W), Krager (4, 1K, 0W), Blackburn (4, 3K, 1W) and Whitaker; Wise S; Krager S; Bolyog D, RBI; Yeater D, RBI; Gibbons D, RBI.

Central stays unbeaten

STEUBENVILLE – The Catholic Central baseball team improved to 8-0 on the year with an 11-4 win over Charleston Catholic on Saturday.

At the plate, Josh Merriman singled and doubled and Stone Romano collected two singles. Michael Barber doubled, while Jacob Arai and Kutch Clark singled.

The Crusaders face Big Red at Vaccaro Field on Monday.

Catholic Central 11, Charleston Catholic 4

Charleston 004 000 0 4 5 3

Catholic Central 350 300 x 11 9 0

CHARLESTON: Jameson (LP 2K, 5BB), Martin (2, 2K, 0BB), McKown (7, 1K, 1BB) and Ware. Covelli S, D.

CATHOLIC?CENTRAL: Rest (WP 2K, 2BB), T. Barber (7, 2K, 0BB) and Romano. Murphy S; Colabella S; Romano 2S; Merriman S, D; Arai S; Clark S; M. Barber D.

Brooke dominates DH

WELLSBURG – Brooke got back to its winning ways with 11-1 and 12-6 wins over Parkersburg South on Saturday.

Chad Harper pitched a complete game with three strikeouts, only allowing a run in the third inning, in Game 1. At the plate for the Bruins, Russell Schwertfeger singled with two RBIs, Heath Hildreth collected three RBIs on two singles, Fargo Camerlengo had an RBI on two singles and Justin Loghrie reached on a single and double.

Kelean Welch, Nick Ossman and Mario Lombardi each added a single and RBI in the five inning contest.

Lombardi earned the win with eight strikeouts through five innings in Game 2. Loughrie relieved in the sixth with one strikeout and Hildreth closed it out with one strikeout in the seventh.

Welch had two RBIs on a single and double, Hildreth had a twi RBI single and Dylan Harper drove home a run on a double. Schwertfeger singled in a run, while Ossman and Camerlengo each had two singles.

Brooke (8-4) hosts Univeristy at 6:45 p.m. on Monday.

Game 1

Brooke 11, Parkersburg South 1

South 010 00 1 8 2

Brooke 210 62 11 10 1

SOUTH: Boso (LP 4K, 3BB), Hall (4, 1K, 1BB) and Gandee. Berry 3S; Parsons S, RBI.

BROOKE: Harper (WP 3K, 0BB) and Ossman. Schwertfeger S, 2RBI; Welch S, RBI; Hildreth 2S, 3RBI; Ossman S, RBI; Lombardi S, RBI; Loughrie S, D; Camerlengo 2S, RBI.

Game 2

Brooke 12, Parkersburg South 6

South 000 030 3 6 8 2

Brooke 102 522 x 12 11 1

SOUTH: Simmons (LP 3K, 3BB), Hall (4, 2K, 0BB) and Steele, (3) Wells. Thompson S, D, 2RBI; Berry 2S; Parsons S, RBI; Wade S, RBI; Hall S, RBI.

BROOKE: Lombardi (WP 8K, 6BB), Loughrie (6, 1K, 3BB), Hildreth (7, 1K, 2BB) and Harper. Schwertfeger S, RBI; Welch S, D, 3RBI; Hildreth S, 2RBI; Ossman 2S; Harper D, RBI; Camerlengo 2S.