Creek girls, CCHS boys claim team trophies

STEUBENVILLE — Coaches could not remember the last time the weather was this nice for the Early Bird.

The 33rd-annual track and field meet usually has athletes in multiple layers of clothes — and still cold — and the times are, at best, mediocre.

Such was not the case Saturday.

The weather was perfect and the times outstanding as the gun sounded for the track and field season.

Weir High senior Donavan Spencer was the high point winner for the boys as he captured the 100 and 200.

Spencer, the two-time West Virginia Class AA state champ, blitzed the field in the 100 (10.58) and 200 (22.51).

Everything was hand timed.

“The overall goal was to win. The personal goal was to start where I left off last year — in the 10s — and I did just that,” said Spencer, who was making his first appearance at the meet due to conflicts with baseball the previous three years. “I guess back then track wasn’t as serious, but, now it’s my thing.”

He said the realization that track was at the top of his three sports came last year in Charleston when he won two state titles.

“Mail here. Mail there. It was crazy,” he said. “I got a box full of stuff. I never thought that would be me.”

Spencer has gone from hunting to being the hunted.

“That means I have to work extra hard now,” he said. “I have a target on my back. People are going to try to get me and I have to stay on top.

“I like it.

“It’s scary being the guy. I like the challenge.”

He spent the winter running indoors — the 60 and 200.

“Indoors helped me a lot,” Spencer said. “I usually don’t pick up speed until the 60, but indoors is the 60. I struggled with it. But, as indoors went on, I got better. I think it will pay off a lot.”

The main thing indoors helped Spencer with was his start.

“No doubt,” he said. “I had to have a good start to get out there in the 60. You look up in the 60 and it’s over.”

Also running indoors was Indian Creek’s Madison Smith, Kelsey Lewis, Sloane Lewis and Aiamyia Dudley.

They won the 4×800 in 10:59.22, the 4×400 in 4:13.65 and finished second in the 4×200 in 1:51.81.

Smith won the 400 in 59.06 and older sister Kelsey held off Sloane in the 800, 2:34.14 to 2:34.39. Dudley finished second in the 400 in 1:00.95.

“We ran indoors, so I was really looking to come out here and break 60,” Smith said. “My relay team always shows up. They do what they have to do. They work really hard with me at practice every day.

“It was really nice to come out and win.”

The Redskins also won the team title with 91 points. Steubenville was second with 81 and new Oak Glen head coach Ashley Tharp and assistant coach Jordann Mitchell had big smiles on their faces watching their young Golden Bears finish third with 72 points.

Creek’s Leia Hunt captured the 1600 in 5:57.15.

“When we did our time trials in practice, you could tell who ran indoors and who didn’t,” said Smith, reiterating the words of assistant coach Joe Lewis. “We’ve already been running for two months. Not every day — once a week practice. But, we’re in a lot better shape than we would normally be at this time.

“The goal in the 4×8 and 4×4 was to win. We knew we weren’t going hit the times we did at (indoor) states. We threw the 4×2 in there to see what we could do and get in some speed work.”

The girls’ high point award went to Steubenville sophomore T’Kayla Kelley. She won the 100 (12.59), 200 (26.94) and teamed with Knisha Saunders, Kira Newburn and Jazzmin Jett to capture the 4×100 (52.07) and 4×200 (1:51.32).

Teammate Jessica Savage won the 100 hurdles (17.26).

Weir’s Caroline Fodor won the 300 hurdles (51.25) and Abby Cowher the 3200 (13:30.28), Brooke’s Yazmin Williams the long jump (15-0) and Amy Rine the shot put (33-8), Edison’s Faith Hoobler the discus (109-2) and Oak Glen’s Sophia Felger the high jump (4-8).

Wildcats senior Michael Speedy is looking to make a return trip to Columbus.

He made it a year ago in the long jump after a school record leap of 21-2.75.

“I didn’t expect to jump that far. I pulled it out of nowhere, I guess,” Speedy said. “I knew it was a good jump. I knew it was further than what I was normally jumping. I knew I was placing at that point.

“I want to place this year at states.”

Speedy’s three jumps in Columbus were 19-6, 18-11.75 and 19-7.

“I had a bad back,” he said. “I’ve always had a back issue with my lower back. It just hurts worse than others sometimes.

“I’m healthy now, through.”

He said one goal this year, besides a return trip and place on the podium at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, is to PR at each meet.

Speedy did that Saturday by winning the long jump in 20-0. He also finished fourth in the high jump at 5-8.

“I was hoping to hit 20-feet today, but I wasn’t expecting it because I haven’t been doing that well in practice lately,” he said.

The Catholic Central boys won the team championship with 108 points, 12 clear of Steubenville. Oak Glen was third with 73.5 points.

The Crusaders won three events. The foursome of Joey Schlich, Evan Moore, Carlin Long and Brody Mihalyo won the 4×800 in 8:44.47. Schlich captured the 3200 in 9:57.32 and Sylis Fitzgerald the 300 hurdles in 42.33.

Big Red had six wins — Ny’Juan Robinson in the shot put (46-1), Austen Duggan in the 800 (2:02.34), Jonathan Blackmon in the 110 hurdles (15.92) and the 4×100 (Jaziah Blackwell, DeJuan Jones, Caleb Mitchell, Shyoun Petteway, 44.31), 4×200 (Blackwell, Petteway, Marcus Kelley, Blackmon, 1:35.37) and 4×400 (Marcus Kelley, Marshawn Kelley, Duggan and Jorian Jones, 3:38.50) relay teams.

The Golden Bears had a pair of sophomore winners in Jake McCoy in the 400 (53.22) and Kellen Tropeck in the discus (129-7).

Early Bird

at Harding Track and Field Complex


Indian Creek 91, Steubenville 81, Oak Glen 72, Weir 54, Martins Ferry 51, Brooke 41, Edison 33, Catholic Central 25, Buckeye Local 20, JFK 16, Lisbon 8.

Top Point Award: T’Kayla Kelley, Steubenville, 25

(Hand timed)

100: Kelley, S, 12.59; LaMonica, JFK, 13.15; Stevens, B, 13.25; Langford, BL, 13.56; Saunders, S, 12.57; DeMeter, BL, 13.95.

200: Kelley, S, 26.94; LaMonica, JFK, 27.70; Langford, BL, 28.14; Saunders, S, 28.31; McVay, L, 28.88; Gorman, CC, 29.89.

400: Smith, IC, 59.06; Dudley, IC, 1:00.95; Johnson, MF, 1:01.44; Kovalcik, OG, 1:03.46; Ging, MF, 1:03.64; Gorman, CC, 1:05.90.

800: K. Lewis, IC, 2:34.14; S. Lewis, IC, 2:34.39; Williams, OG, 2:42.26; McCalister, S, 2:48.64; Perry, E, 2:51.59; Carpenter, MF, 2:58.84.

1600: Hunt, IC, 5:57.15; McCalister, S, 5:59.82; Cowher, W, 6:00.15; Symington, CC, 6:27.87; Moore, BL, 6:32.08; Williamson, E, 6:54.20.

3200: Cowher, W, 13:30.28; Hill, MF, 13:48.09; Arneault, OG, 14:00.69; Williams, L, 14:34.77; Chludzinski, L, 16:02.82.

100 hurdles: Savage, S, 17.26; Walker, MF, 17.63; Adams, W, 17.76; Duff, CC, 19.25; Potock, W, 18.70; Tweedy, IC, 20.6.

300 hurdles: Fodor, W, 51.25; Neville, IC, 51.95; Tweedy, IC, 52.66; Sutton, MF, 53.83; Walker, MF, 54.02; Duff, CC, 54.45.

4×100: Steubenville 52.07; Brooke 53.95; Martins Ferry 54.34; Catholic Central 54.72; Oak Glen 56.09; Indian Creek 57.25.

4×200: Steubenville 1:51.32; Indian Creek 1:51.81; Oak Glen 1:54.51; Catholic Central 1:55.70; Weir 1:58.85; Brooke 2:06.18.

4×400: Indian Creek 4:13.65; Oak Glen 4:30.15; Catholic Central 4:30.31; Martins Ferry 4:37.27; Weir 4:41.65; Steubenville 4:47.76.

4×800: Indian Creek 10:59.22; Weir 11:25.03; Oak Glen 11:49.76; Lisbon 13:44.75.

Long jump: Williams, B, 15-0; Tran, E, 14-3; Langford, BL, 14-0; Ging, MF, 13-11; Snyder, B, 13-10; Holloway, W, 13-9.

High jump: Felger, OG, 4-8; Cline, E, 4-6; Fodor, W, 4-6; Clayton, B, 4-6; Mahan, OG, 4-4; Eikleberry, BL, 4-4.

Shot put: Rine, B, 33-8; Haught, S, 31-2; Williams, OG, 30-10; Hoobler, E, 29-8; Hoover, E, 29-7; Slappy, IC, 29-7.

Discus: Hoobler, E, 109-2; Williams, OG, 92-1.5; Spielvogel, MF, 82-1; Travis, OG, 80-0; Hoover, S, 79-6; Crago, W, 75-6.


Catholic Central 108, Steubenville 96, Weir 73.5, Oak Glen 50, Martins Ferry 42, Edison 34, David Anderson 33, Indian Creek 21.5, Buckeye Local 21, Brooke 14, JFK 1.

Top Point Award: Donavan Spencer, Weir, 21.5

(Hand timed)

100: D. Spencer, W, 10.58; Jones, S, 11.25; Hartzell, CC, 11.32; S. Spencer, W, 11.47; Garriel, MF, 11.53; Crago, OG, 11.81.

200: D. Spencer, W, 22.51; Hartzell, CC, 23.44; Garriel, MF, 23.57; Mitchell, S, 23.76; Crago, OG, 25.0.

400: McCoy, OG, 53.22; Smith, BL, 53.40; Davis, L, 55.60; Waggoner, E, 55.82; Fitzgerald, CC, 56.62; Mundy, L, 57.01.

800: Duggan, S, 2:02.34; Moore, CC, 2:07.45; Girod, W, 2:08.14; Mihalyo, CC, 2:09.34; Tuttle, MF, 2:09.51; Harvey, B, 2:12.07.

1600: Bishop, MF, 4:36.46; Schlich, CC, 4:42.63; Sirilla, S, 4:45.34; Simpson, MF, 4:48.33; Kuebler, CC, 4:59.95; Gorby, OG, 5:25.19.

3200: Schlich, CC, 9:57.32; Sirilla, S, 10:25.59; Brown, CC, 10:27.38; Girod, W, 11:33.78; Geery, MF, 11:36.14; Gorby, OG, 12:06.28.

110 hurdles: Blackmon, S, 15.92; Faulks, W, 16.22; Fitzgerald, CC, 16.46; Secrist, B, 16.63; Rice, S, 17.4; Peterkin, BL, 17.65.

300 hurdles: Fitzgerald, CC, 42.33; Faulks, W, 43.84; McAfoose, E, 44.72; Warren, OG, 45.09; Burgess, BL, 45.97; Rosenlieb, OG, 46.20.

4×100: Steubenville 44.31; Catholic Central 45.47; Weir 46.39; Oak Glen 46.83; Indian Creek 47.41; Brooke 47.82.

4×200: Steubenville 1:35.37; Catholic Central 1:35.59; Lisbon 1:42.06; Edison 1:43.01; Brooke 1:48.65.

4×400: Steubenville 3:38.50; Catholic Central 3:50.40; Oak Glen 3:50.90; Indian Creek 3:56.77; Weir 4:01.94; Lisbon 4:10.38.

4×800: Catholic Central 8:44.47; Weir 9:20.90; Brooke 9:28.14; Steubenville 9:28.69; Buckeye Local 10:40.38; Lisbon 10:55.10.

Long jump: Speedy, E, 20-0; Callarik, BL, 18-5; Jeter, MF, 18-4; Spencer, W, 17-6; Fitzgerald, CC, 17-4; McCartney, L, 17-4.

High jump: Stokes, L, 5-10; Mundy, L, 5-8; Waggoner, E, 5-8; Speedy, E, 5-8; Scales, IC, 5-6; Clausell, W, 5-6.

Shot put: Robinson, S, 46-1; Rosohac, OG, 43-0; Coppa, IC, 41-8; Ekey, S, 41-6; Oliver, CC, 39-5; Tropeck, OG, 39-3.

Discus: Tropeck, OG, 129-7; Coppa, IC, 111-10.5; Orzolek, MF, 110-0; Rice, MF, 106-6; Virtue, W, 106-4; Smith, OG, 106-1.5.