Area native looks to combat blue light

EAST PALESTINE — An East Palestine native has co-founded a company geared toward offering eyeglasses that combat the harmful blue light emitted from cell phones and other devices.

Ed Kiernan said that as digital technology use is becoming more prevalent in schools, at work and at home, the blue light generated from that technology is having a negative impact not only on vision, but sleeping patterns as well.

Kiernan is a parent of two young children and is concerned about the impact the blue light is having on others their age.

He and other concerned parents co-founded Bluwinx, an e-commerce website that offers ophthalmic quality blue light filtering lenses in a variety of frames and colors and available directly to the consumer at 40 percent off retail prices.

“This harmful blue light is impacting our children at an alarming rate and we are seeing their sleep habits change as a result of over-utilization of electronic devices,” he said.

He added studies have shown that children are using their electronic devices up to nine hours a day.

“What’s worse is that they are taking their electronic devices into their bedrooms disrupting their bedtimes and not getting the proper amount of sleep,” he said.

In turn, lack of sleep can lead to behavioral disorders, obesity, ADHD like symptoms, depression, anxiety and even suicide, he added.

Yet another result of lack of sleep among children is a decline in grades at school.

Kiernan said the effects are similar on teens and adults as well, resulting in problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep, which can lead to obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Kiernan said the glasses are engineered to filter the right intensity and amount of the harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices.

The glasses are manufactured in Youngstown.

According to a company press release, Bluwinx has the only products available that focus on and protect children from the dangerous blue light.

The company has partnered with a leading U.S. based ophthalmic glasses manufacturer to offer more than 1,300 styles in prominent designer brands, including Steve Madden, Stylewise and BCBG.

Information about the company can be found online at

Kiernan lives in Poland and was a member of the East Palestine football, basketball and baseball teams while attending the local school district. His parents still live in East Palestine.