Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

William Householder (deceased) to Kelly Householder, 0.103 acre, Knox Township.

William and Carol Householder (both deceased) to Kelly Wellington and Billy Harding, metes, Knox Township.

Shirley Newburn to James Newburn Jr. and Dylan Newburn, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Ann Church (deceased) to Ian Church, lot 128, Country Club Estates.

David Malisiak and others to Paul and Nellie Carpenter Jr., lot 5 and part lot 4, Patterson & Lupton; and lot 30, Heil’s First (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Lewis Thompson Jr., lot 51, Original Smithfield.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to George Lollathin Jr., 1.397 acres, Wells Township; and 1.046 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Joan Cresap (deceased) to Donald Cresap, 0.995 acre, Wayne Township.

Monroe Mechling Jr. (deceased) to Sharon Fitzgerald, trustee, lot 12, WR Elliott Second.

Jeffco Resources Inc. to Robert and Donna Omaits, 85.565 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Mary Tegano to Bruno Tegano and John Tegano, lot 28, John Spahn’s Third.

North Heights Homes LP to Common Wealth Inc., lots 4 and lots 21-22, Dike & Wilson.

Common Wealth Inc. to Justin Totterdale and Kristina Spearline, lots 4 and lots 21-22, Dike & Wilson (survivorship).

Verna Hodovanic to Thomas Straka, lots 129-130, George Myers proposed.

Thomas and Tammy Straka to Kevin and Lorene McGuire, lots 129-130, George Myers proposed (survivorship).

MTGLQ Investments LP to Christopher Gorney, lot 44, Spaulding First.

D&L Ferguson Rentals to PADI LLC, 1.6881 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Shirley and Harry Mitchell to Sharon Thorne, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Barbara Mazzaferro to Todd Mazzaferro, metes, Salem Township.

Louis Tripodi (deceased) to Brian and Meg Sprochi, lot 31, Hillcrest (survivorship).

Donna Kidder and others to Chauntel Freeman, lot 69, Dixon Heights.

James Fullerton (deceased) to Dale Fullerton, 0.24 acre, Knox Township.

Robert and Susan Spence Jr. to Robert and Darla Spence, 6.3168 acres, Warren Township (survivorship).

Lynne Divis to Jack and JoEllen Kelly, lot 15, Dana Lynn (survivorship).

Jayson Porter (deceased) to Brianne DiBacco, lot 55, Beverly Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, 2 acres, Salem Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson Count Land Reutilization Corp., lot 16, Parr’s proposed; lot 135, Ross Park; and 0.032 acre, Steubenville Township.

Larry Pownall to Jody Pownall, lot 161, Overlook Hills.

Elizabeth Dinger (deceased) to Dale Dinger, metes, Springfield Township.

Sylvia Sheets to Cionni Properties LLC, 3.1572 acres, Island Creek Township.

Willie and Ella Hershberger to Yoder Feeders LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Cionni Properties LLC to Justin and Rachel Shay, 3.1572 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Victor and Nancy Long to Victor Long, 1.011 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Barbara Meyers to Robert Lease, part lot 54, Dorian Heights.

Keith Eddy (deceased) to Deborah Eddy, lots 9 and 28, Grandview; and lot 10, Maryland.

Deborah Eddy to Holy Resurrection Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, lot 28, Grandview.

Edgar and Frances Lucas Sr. to Daniel Lucas, lots 6-7, Roger’s Terrace.

Clarence Edwards (deceased) to Valarie Gardner, lot 160, Hess First.

Robert and Casey Gleiner to Robert and Suzanne Beebout Jr., 10.561 acres, Springfield Township; and lots 10-11, Seven C’s Estate (survivorship).

David Simmons and others to Carol Simmons, 0.51 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Kenneth Stanley Sr. (deceased) to Gary Stanley and others, lot 9, MH Loves.

Betty Gill to Sandra Blischak, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.