Weirton Medical Center

Wayne and Cynthia Lytle, of Steubenville, boy, Jan. 1

Joe and Blake Ott, of Burgettstown, boy, Jan. 3

Jessica Bocek and Christopher Ullery, of Hopedale, girl, Jan. 4

Brooke Murdock and Alec Armstrong, of Weirton, boy, Jan. 4

Veronica Timmons and Pete Rickman, of Colliers, boy, Jan. 10

Jennifer Corona and De’qua Harrison, of Mingo Junction, boy, Jan. 10

Stephanie Bissett and Cody Wolfe, of Weirton, boy, Jan. 11

Alexis and Jordon Jones, of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 11

Steve and Heather LeFever, of Toronto, girl, Jan. 11

Kara Smith and Joshua Hickle, of Toronto, boy, Jan. 13

Brianna Cooper and Matthew Keller, of Bloomingdale, boy, Jan. 14

Korey and Jessica Coulter, of Weirton, girl, Jan. 15

Tarrah Mullins and Antoinette Altieri, of Steubenville, boy, Jan. 15

Matthew and Molly Brooks, of Jewett, girl, Jan. 15

Vanessa Annuzzi and Joshua Carr, of Weirton, girl, Jan. 17

Mr. and Mrs. William Haines, of Steubenville, girl, Jan. 18

Cassandra Welsbacher and Jimmy Fink, of Bulger, boy, Jan. 21

Caitlyn Sheets and Ryan Bane, of Toronto, girl, Jan. 22

Michaela Askew and Richard Brown, of Weirton, boy, Jan. 23

Summer Pastre and David Glaze, Steubenville, boy, Jan. 24

Darren and Candace Starr, of Toronto, boy, Jan. 25

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Allen, of Wintersville, boy, Jan. 25

Shantel Birden, of Steubenville, boy, Jan. 25

Out of town

Jared and Meghan Angelica, of Alliance, boy, Dec. 22.