Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Carrie Maxwell to Samuel and Christina Mitchell, lot 91, Manhattan.

Ross Flanagan (deceased) to Christine Booth and Colleen Wagner, 0.96 acre, Knox Township.

David and Cheryl Mascio to John and Rita Riley Jr., part lots 31-33, Longview Park (survivorship).

Vicki Stewart and Christopher and Kathleen Briggs, 0.479 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Angie Plinta (deceased) to Joseph Plinta and others, 193.625 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Scott Dawson (deceased) to Higgins 5633 SR 151 Realty LLC, 146.26 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Edith Vallis to David and Sondra Brockway, lot 15, Eastview (survivorship).

Lori and George Brandenburg to Timothy Holman, lots 172-173, Riverview Terrace proposed.

Timothy Holman to Benjamin and Keisa Hill, lots 172-173, Riverview Terrace proposed (survivorship).

Kent Geanangel to Brad Ramsey, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lot 13, Stuart Manor.

Featheringham Enterprises LLC to Imperio Enterprises LLC, part lots 298-297, Labelle.

Mark and Tina Treglia to William Robinson, 0.94 acre, Steubenville Township.

Lewis Ciacci (deceased) to Elizabeth Ciacci, 0.125 acre, Springfield Township.

Gary Oblak and others to Daniel and Kimberly Cermak, 7.4455 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Darlene Pehanich to Richard Pehanich, metes, Steubenville Township.

Robert Petkovich (deceased) to Shelly Corrigan and Claudia Bell, 0.255 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Bobby McCourt (deceased) to Constance McCourt, 4.015 acres, Salem Township.

Brian and Anita Westling to Taylor and Amanda Powell III, 1.837 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Jack Wells (deceased) to Deanna Wells, metes and 0.0518 acre, Smithfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to CF Bank, lot 35, Overlook Hills.

Jeff Wood Jr. to Amanda Wood, 22.912 acres, Salem Township.

Irvin and Phyllis Lambert to Justin and Megan Russell, metes, Island Creek Township.

Justin and Megan Russell to Rodney and Dawn McIntyre, lot 1, Maplewood Estates No. 1 (survivorship).

Cheryl Marker (deceased) to William Marker Jr., lot 9, Riviera Tract.

Conway Owens (deceased) to Asantewa Anyabwile and Penny Jackson, lot 17, MA Smth’s.

Gary and Mary Smith to G&M Smith Family LLC, 12.85 acres, Steubenville Township.

Theodore and Charlene Maragos to Maragos MHP LLC, metes, Island Creek Township.

H4 Dynamics to Anthony and Jacqueline Russell, lot 59 and part lot 60, Ridgeland (survivorship).

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to CR 2018 LLC, metes, Springfield Township.

CR 2018 LLC to Franklin Skelton, metes, Springfield Township.

Wilma Zelek (deceased) to Wilma Boroski, 33.84 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Wilma Zelek (deceased) to Larry Zelek, 1.903 acres, Mount Pleasant Township; and lots 29-39, New Trenton.

Tara Hoffman to Jim Garrison, part lot 65, Simmons & Foster’s.

Joan Giannini Revocable Trust to Mark Giannini, lot 203, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Melody Wright to Christopher and Michelle Petrella, lot 158, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Church of the Nazarene of Stratton to Village of Stratton, lot 7, FV Copper’s.

David and Alicia Long to Robert and Nicole McDonald II, part lot 22, McKees (survivorship).

William Crago (deceased) to Nova Crago, metes and 5.4633 acres, Springfield Township.

Simon Feaster (deceased) to Bridget Feaster, lot 199, Ross Park Realty.

Patricia Christian (deceased) to Herbert Christian, lots 31-32, Swickard Second.

Wilma Zelek (deceased) to Larry Zelek, 172.8776 acres, Warren Township.

Wilma Zelek (deceased) to Wilma Boroski, 81.9639 acres, Warren Township.

Gary Robson (deceased) to Lance Robson and others, Unit 4367, Steeple Chase.

Patricia Ruggieri, trustee, to Joseph and Marianne Petrisko, 0.24 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Alice Shields (deceased) to Carla Shields and others, lot 7, Riverview Terrace unrecorded.

Amanda Wood to Jeff Wood Jr., 1.577 acres, Springfield Township.

Gary and Linda Griffith to Ruth Kirkman, 0.351 acre, Springfield Township.

Gary Griffith and others to Gary Griffith and Ruth Kirkman, 76.672 acres, 58.284 acres and 76.672 acres, Ross Township.

Ralph Brown to Bryan Brown, 0.124 acre and 3,000 square feet, Wells Township.

Jason and Seana Kourim to Anna Matthews, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Shane Black to US Bank, 0.346 acre, Island Creek Township.

Joseph and Rosemary Zelek to Historical Society of Mount Pleasant, 0.257 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Randall Brown to Danelle Brown, lots 11-12, Nancy Householder’s.

April Foden to Pamela Crow, lot 30 and part lot 31, Brookvale.

Pamela and Richard Crow to Joshua Popkie, lot 30 and part lot 31, Brookvale.

Izetta Ankrum (deceased) to William Swinsinski, lot 3, Brentwood Estates.

William Swinsinski to Donald and Lexie Robinson II, 0.329 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Fort Arrow Enterprises LLC to City of Steubenville, part lots 25-27, Country Club Estates; 0.0005 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Kinferco LLC to City of Steubenville, part lot 12, Rose Heights; and 0.0591 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Richard Clashman Sr. to Richard Clashman Sr. and John Clashman, 191 acres, Island Creek Township.

Cindy Stewart to Shelley Board, lot 7, Banfield Improvement.

Bank of New York Mellon to Midnight Acquisitions, 4,861.07 square feet, Warren Township.

James and Lisa Bogo to Timothy and Melisa Morris Sr., lot 33, Scharlott (survivorship).