Trinity Medical Center West

Rachel and Brian Parsons of Wintersville, a boy, April 28.

Madison and Joshua Oberholtzer of Toronto, a girl, April 29.

Courtney and Cody Gaston of Weirton, a girl, April 30.

Mileena Murphy and Robert Parks Jr. of Steubenville, a girl, May 3.

Melissa and Bryan Lyle of Follansbee, a girl, May 5.

Stacy and Eric Gooding of East Liverpool, a girl, May 6.

Adrienne and Jesse Rahe of Chester, a boy, May 7.

Diana Baker and Michael Rorah of Newell, a girl, May 8.

Sierra Chipps and Austin Egnew of Steubenville, a girl, May 9.

Jessica and John DiPasquale of Toronto, a girl, May 9.

Cheronda Bishop and Brian Jones Jr. of Steubenville, a girl, May 11.

Chelsey Pramesa of Bridgeport, a girl, May 11.

Kylie and Ryan Smogonovich of Toronto, a girl, May 14.

Kara Geliano and Dustin Geary of Follansbee, a boy, May 14.

Ashley and Ian Howell of Cadiz, a boy, May 15.

Taylor Thompson and Amsterdam and Jeffrey Meyer of Toronto, a boy, May 16.

Haley Mencer and Saxon Wells of Steubenville, a boy, May 17.

Ashley Platko of Toronto and Brandon May of Weirton, a girl, May 20.

Jacqueline and Kevin Harris of Wintersville, a girl, May 23.

Mary and John Bartos of Boardman, a boy, May 25.

Shelby and David Richards of Richmond, a boy, May 26.

Jamie and John Ross of Steubenville, a boy, May 28.