Baker accepts new position with NASA

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A former member of the Steubenville Fire Department has accepted a new position with NASA.

Garland D. Baker Jr. will become the senior director fire protection engineer with NASA through Boss Contracting on Aug. 5. He will provide oversight and design of fire protection systems for new and existing facilities at the Kennedy Space Center Complex for NASA.

Baker, who served as a captain, inspector and fire marshal with the Steubenville Fire Department, will serve as senior fire protection engineer for the National Nuclear Security Administration, and will assist with re-designing the new fire protection system for the Nuclear Warhead Research Lab and Nuclear Warhead Stockpile in Los Alms, N.M.

He received his Ph.D in applied science combustion engineering at the University of California, Berkeley; his master’s degree in fire protection and engineering from from the University of Maryland; a bachelor’s degree in fire protection engineering from Oklahoma State University; and a bachelor’s degree in industrial operations engineering from the University of Michigan.

Baker’s wife, Deneen, is orignally from Cleveland.