Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

David Brown (deceased) to Sharon Brown, lot 79, Ross Park Realty.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to James Nagy, lot 1, Ickis Addition.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Joseph and Denise Sempirek, 0.114 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Susan and John Rayl to David and Tricia Shaddinger, lot 95, Becker Highlands (survivorship).

John Parrish to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, lot 4, Ralph Barones Sunrise Terrace.

Joseph and Tiffany Luckino to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 178, Ross Park Realty.

Larry and Phemie Tullis to Jonathan Wood, part lot 5, John Call proposed.

Clifford and Patricia Scheel to John Geddis III and Jim Elia, lot 5, LH Hilsingers First.

Paula Welch (deceased) to Kara Bialk, 2,050 square feet, Island Creek Township.

Kara and Joseph Bialk, 2,050 square feet, Island Creek Township.

Joan Cresap (deceased) to Donald Cresap, lot 112, Revised John Spahn’s First.

Icuss Realty LLC to Philip Icuss III, lot 264, Country Club Estates.

Barbara Caputo (deceased) to Robert Caputo Jr. and others, lot 25, Brentwood Estates.

Dorothy Jepson (deceased) to Stacy Faulkner, lot 3, Medilla Second.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to NRZ REO VIB LLC, lot 140, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Eugene Horvath to Geraldine Horvath, lot 204, Upper Allotment Glen Robbins.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of New York Mellon, 0.99 acre, Island Creek Township.

Suzanne Synodinos, trustee, to Fred and Earlene McShan Jr., part lot 16, Dike & Wilson (survivorship).

Judith Rouse to Allen Hammer II, lots 82-83, Lincoln Heights.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, lot 34, George McNeil’s Heirs.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to PNC Bank, lot 41, Dana Lynn.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 6.164 acres, Salem Township.

Edward Drabick to Amelia Drabick, 0.75 acre, Salem Township.

James and Karen Fonow to Louis Stein and Sharon Stephan, 0.9388 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Stephen and Elaine Lamatrice to Union & Concord LLC, part lot 219, Original Steubenville.

Michael and Gwendolyn Sullivan to Glenn and Dianne Sharp, part lots 38-40, Beall & Steeles (survivorship).

Reese Mobile Homes Inc. to Iris Martin, part lot 4, Original Shanghai.

Daniel Zorbini (deceased) to Joan Zorbini, lots 56 and 66, Altamont.

Mary Ferguson to Kay Dylewski, lot 28, Dixon Heights.

Lance Wargo to Natalie Caniff, part lot 19, James Myers First.

Betty Isaly to Ean Bland, lot 105, Crestview Manor Third.

Matthew and Colleen Shephard to Dennis Robinson Jr. and Christy Bohn, part lot 9, Labelleview (survivorship).

Ida Viers and Mary Hardy to Charlotte Roy and Sandra Roy, lots 108 and 110, Helmick’s (survivorship).

Robert Drexler to Pharmassociates LLC, metes, Steubenville Township; and lots 1-4, Hodkinson First.

Dorothy Thomas (deceased) to Chad and Shelley Wilkin, lots 18-19, Fairfield (survivorship).

Sandra and Michael Pennicuff to Everett Adkins, 8.77 acres, Ross Township.

Norman Rawson (deceased) to Margaret Rawson, 2 acres, Island Creek Township.

Robert and Shirley Wilson Jr. to Cody James, part lot 31, Green Acres.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Stephanie Allen, lot 70, McKee’s Second.

Jefferson County Lane Reutilization Corp. to Michael Lipscomb, part outlot 40, Steubenville Coal & Mining.

Fannie Mae to John Keyoski Jr. and Deanna Callarik, 0.19 acre, Smithfield Township.

Annie Goulet to Lauren Sanchez, part lots 5-6, Whittens & Reyard’s First; and 1,300 square feet, Smithfield Township.

Joseph and Christine Wilson Jr. to Jonathan Snyder, lot 58, Parkdale.

John and Pamela Cucarese Jr. to Pamela Cucarese, lot 14, Beechwood.

April Vella-Powell and Derek Powell to Kelly Chociej, lot 43, Forest View.

Alfred Risdon Jr. (deceased) to Rae Teramana and others, 50 acres, Steubenville Township.

Miller Family Irrevocable Trust to Ann Huff, 0.786 acre, Island Creek Township.

Mary Buffone (deceased) to Romeo Buffone, lot 19, Beverly Hills.

Louis Cordier to Mary Cordier Special Needs Trust, lot 20, Brentwood Estates Second.

Ruth Devore (deceased) to Darrell Devore, metes, Salem Township.

David and Carol Vitlip to David Chaney and others, 5,500 square feet, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).