Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Margaret Brown to Mitchell and Jean Basich, 0.0279 acre and 0.0249 acre, Smithfield Township.

Jessie and Rebekah Weigel to Scott Gargiulo, lots 24-25, Dorian Heights.

Thomas and Renee Virtue to Michael Sweat and Tina Anteri-Sweat, 14.261 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Mary and Terry Richardson to Kara and Wayne Boley, part lot 7 and lot 8, Beverly Hills Seventh.

Mary and Steven Parello to Chad and Brittany Kuhn, lot 13, Eastview (survivorship).

Thomas Casper to Jared and Ashley Kempton, lots 65-69, First Allotment Upland Park (survivorship).

Joseph and Susan Pierro Jr. to Michael and Mary Desantis, 0.2125 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

John and Marianne Hellock to Joshua and Kristen O’Donnell, lots 44-46, Crestview Third (survivorship).

Joshua and Kristen O’Donnell to Norman Desenburg, lots 47-48, Connell’s.

Ann Coakley to Nathaniel and Rachael Kline, lot 58, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Dorothy Wells to Scott Wells and Jennie Farnsworth, lots 36, 45 and 58-63, 107-114 and 120-121, 124 and 128 and part lot 35, JW Gray’s; and part lot 1, Caroline Dryer’s unrecorded (survivorship).

Mark McClain (deceased) to Janice McClain, 1.5011 acres, Island Creek Township.

Toni and Bruce Dondzilla to Curtis Johnson, lot 34, Forest View.

U.S.E. Construction LLC to Jose Romero, lot 315, Labelle View.

Daniel and Lauren Voght to Mary Nash, lot 68, Brentwood Estates.

William Parrish to Kimberly Cherepko and William Parrish, lot 60, Lake Park (survivorship).

Jennings and Joanne Thorne to Megan Roberts, part lot 164 and lot 165, Altamont.

Charles and Chryspin Oxier to Lance Wargo, lots 4-6, George Myers’.

Deborah Ricardo and others to Deborah Ricardo, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Charles Grantonic, trustee, to Andrew and Joanna Bonjour, lots 25-26, Brady Estates No. 1.

Lorraine Levi (deceased) to Sue Duley, 3,500 square feet, Warren Township.

Sue Duley (deceased) to Bridgette Dawson and Jessica Dankert, 3,500 square feet, Warren Township.

Cynthia Barber to Paul Roe, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Bryan Marcino and others to David Wickersham, 1.534 acres, Island Creek Township.

Louis Deleonardis, trustee, to Martina Marko, lot 18, Circle Park Eastview.

Jeffrey and Nicole DiPasquale to Hayieh Crawford and Robert Daley, 1.42 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Mary Mahfood to Marianne and John Hellock, lot 26, Alexander Manor (survivorship).

Kimberly and John Mollick to David and Sally Evans, lot 1, Banfield (survivorship).

Huntington National Bank to Terry and Bonnie Ewing, lot 91, Walton Acres No. 1 (survivorship).

CitiMortgage Inc. to Tri-State Real Estate LLC, lot 31, Karen Place.

Tim Robb (deceased) to Nathan Robb and others, lots 71-72, Tiltonsville; lots 73-74, Walker’s First; lots 3-6, AC Jones; and 0.177 acre, Warren Township.

Peter and Gretchen Vrotsos to Kathie Neavin, lots 285-286 and part lot 287, Medilla unrecorded.

Richard Hunker Sr. (deceased) to Loretta Hunker, 0.552638 acre, Warren Township.

Ronald Meyer to Julie Meyer, 1.1176 acres, Wayne Township.

Charles Hayes to Sarah Hayes, 5.115 acres, Salem Township.

Charles Maffitt (deceased) to Linda Maffitt, 6.57 acres, Wayne Township.

Lance Robson and others to David and Patricia Bohn, Unit 4367, Steeple Chase (survivorship).