Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Michael Connor (deceased) to Nina Connor, part lot 35, Hiland Estates.

Joseph Bressler and others to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 636, Labelleview.

Margaretta Churchman (deceased) to Anthony Saccoccia and others, lot 204, Dixon Heights No. 2 (survivorship).

Charles Blanchard (deceased) to Barbara Blanchard, 127.3262 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Barbara Blanchard to Charles Blanchard Jr. and Cheryl Strick, 127.3262 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Mark Tripodi and Christi Digeronimo-Tripodi to Hannah Lash, lot 11, Hillcrest.

William and Mary Herrmann to Hannah Lash, part lot 12, Hillcrest.

Gretchen Clarke to Marianne Finney, 0.503 acre, Knox Township.

Libert Orsini (deceased) to Letizia Orsini, lot 82, Alexander Manor.

Letzia Orsini to Richard and Joy Spring, lot 82, Alexander Manor (survivorship).

Virgil Rabe (deceased) to Carol Rabe, lot 162, Overlook Hills.

Merry Haggerty and others to Jade and Brandi Waligura, lot 111, AC Jones (survivorship).

Keith and Carrie Patrick to CK Patrick Investments LLC, 0.676 acre, Steubenville Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Farmers National Bank of Emlenton, metes, Island Creek Township.

Robert Snider Jr. (deceased) to Darlene Snider, lot 43, Moon Valley Estates.

Darlene Snider to Darlene Snider and Stevan Snider, lot 43, Moon Valley Estates.

Duanne Jennings to Lolita Bailey, lot 21, Beall & Steele.

Laure Rawson to Doug F LLC, lot 184, Hesse’s.

Anna Randall (deceased) to Donna Snyder and others, lot 10, Amended Plat Pugs Sunrise Manor.

American Legion McCooke Post No. 529 Dillonvale to Michele Dulesky, 0.4089 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Marcel Lollini (deceased) to Margery Lollini, lot 131, Highland City Vacated; lots 57 and 59, Teals Allotment; and part lot 6, Bartock’s.

Cathy Paco (deceased) to Larry Deluca Jr., 0.115 acre, Warren Township.

Charles Shively (deceased) to Grace Shively, 0.155 acre and metes, Warren Township.

Grace Shively to Carol Johnston, 0.1439, Warren Township.

D&L Ferguson Rentals LLC to D&D of Ohio LLC, 0.4319 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Steven Clark to Jacob Brunoni, lot 28, Simmons & Foster’s.

Wells Township Haunted House Inc. to Zachary Kinda and Joan Kinda, lot 68, Riverview Terrace (survivorship).

Brenda and Terry Burwell to Zachary and Kristen Perry, 3.6745 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Harold Smuck (deceased) to Ruth Smuck, lot 72, Westwood Estates.

Michele Henry to Michele and Robert Henry, lot 2, Guy Johnson Lumber & Supply Co. proposed.

John and Cecelia Phillipson to Michele and Robert Henry, 0.372 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Charles and Catherine Coleman to Sharon Coleman and Gay Warren, 8,116 square feet, Salem Township; and lots 19-21, Minor & McLaughlin First.

Betty D’Amico (deceased) to Hugo D’Amico, lot 9, Benjamin Smith’s; metes and metes, Island Creek Township.


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